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Trials and Tribulations



After about four days of trying to get render-to-texture working in Vulkan, I have everything working except...it doesn't work. No errors, no clue what is wrong, but the renderer is not even clearing the depth attachment, which is why the texture read shown here is flat red.


There's not much else to say right now. I will keep trying to find the magic combination of cryptic obscure settings it takes to make Vulkan do what I want.

This is very hard stuff, but once I have it working I think that gives me all the functionality I need to finish the Vulkan renderer. Post-processing effects are just another render-to-texture problem. Now, the Vulkan renderer is much more strict than OpenGL, and I think the way post-processing will work is with a an automatically created blur texture and a single post-process shader. It's very wasteful to render a bunch of different passes for each effect, so instead I think we will just have some different effects files and a shader that can include whatever effects you want. In fact, the post-process pass can probably be done as a third Vulkan subpass which would be very efficient.

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Width and height of the framebuffer during rendering were set to zero. I'm back on track.

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