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How to construct own machines with joints.



Using joints Hinge()

Joints are funny and powerful to build machines. They allow to use mass (gravity), different masses on different part of the machine depends on what you need, frictions, and limits.

By this machine, the only enabled motor is the first big oval cylinder, which is turning. The rest is articulated with disabled hinge joints.



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Actually I got the idea in adding steampunk elements in the game, so I came to trying building machine. It's fun to populate an open world, maybe it is possible to build a travel locomotive with this mechanic or whatever.

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When I watched it I also thought of a locomotive or even a clock mechanism with interlocking gears. 

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7 hours ago, Marcousik said:

It's fun to populate an open world

Now that you mention it, it really could be a good way to add atmosphere to your world, whether steampunk, futuristic, whatever.  Having things moving makes a big difference versus the environment being just static.  We have the basics of that with vegetation shaders moving leaves and brush and flags (this is also why waves would be so important, even if they're shallow).  But having moving things like a windmill or birds flying or a squirrel crossing your path or a drone flying in the distance is a small detail but it adds a lot to a game, in my opinion.

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congrats, yea, joints are very interesting, some time ago, with blitz3d+jv-ode i did some interesting things... some of them i try to re-do in leadwerks: cars, and some transporting bels, forklift etc. 

guess i upload that some where...






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