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Leadwerks Game Engine 5 Beta Update



An update is available for beta testers.

What's new:

  • GLTF animations now work! New example included. Any models from Sketchfab should work.
  • Added Camera::SetGamma, GetGamma. Gamma is 1.0 by default, use 2.2 for dark scenes.
  • Fixed bug that was creating extra bones. This is why the animation example was running slow in previous versions.
  • Fixed bug where metalness was being read from wrong channel in metal-roughness map. Metal = R, roughness = G.

Texture definitions in JSON materials are changed, but the old scheme is left in for compatibility. Textures are now an array:

		"color": [ 1, 1, 1, 1 ],
		"emission": [ 0, 0, 0 ],
		"metallic": 0.75,
		"roughness": 0.5,
				"slot": "BASE",
				"file": "./wall_01_D.tex"
				"slot": "NORMAL",
				"file": "./wall_01_N.tex"

The slot value can be an integer from 0-31 or one of these strings:

  • BASE
  • BRDF


  • FPS example menu freezes. Close window to exit instead.
  • Looping animations are not randomized so the animation example will show characters that appear identical even though they are separate skeletons animating independently.
  • Unskinned GLTF animation is not yet supported (requires bone attachments feature)
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