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Native Gallery is Coming Back



The old-timers on this site will remember a time before Steam, when leadwerks.com had a native image gallery as part of our site. The gallery is gone but all the images were saved on Google Drive here. This was replaced with the Steam-based image gallery which has accrued a massive amount of content (about 1800 screenshots).

With Steam flooding the market with new products there is pressure for developers to release more different products to occupy digital shelf space. For this reason, our new engine will be released with separate app IDs for different editions, rather than using the DLC system to differentiate versions. That means I will be making much less use of Steam-specific features in the future like screenshots, videos, and Workshop, since all that content would be split among several app IDs. Additionally, I plan on working with multiple software resellers and Steam is just one of them, so there is less reason to push all our content through that platform. 

At the same time, advances in web technology have given us a vast amount of storage at a low cost. All of our user-generated files are hosted on Amazon S3 which costs almost nothing, so there is no longer the same pressure we used to have to keep our website data from getting too large.

With this in mind, I am bringing back the native website gallery here. In time, all our old screenshots from both Google Drive and Steam will be migrated in. I will see that the Steam import system attempts to match Steam authors names with the forum name, but if no match is found the image will be attributed to "guest".

Steam has been great for us, but looking back at our old site I do feel like something was lost when we offloaded a lot of content onto their system. I'm excited about bringing the native gallery back and the possibilities for the new engine. You can upload your images here:

In the future, I am also interested in the idea of native video support, where we can upload a video or embed URL and have the website download the video, process it to a reliable format, generate thumbnails, and display it natively on our own site. In a world where everything on the web is simultaneously being monopolized and oversaturated, controlling your own data is critical. And it's not 2001, web space is cheap.

I'm also really excited about the content that will be created with the new engine. It isn't going to be aimed at extreme beginners like LE4 was. It's easy to use, easier than LE4, in my opinion, but that's not the main selling point. Consequently I think we are going to see some very interesting work being done with the new engine and a lot of new energy on this site, more than we've ever seen before. So I am preparing for that.

Get ready and dream big!

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