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Dynamic Voxel Updates



I've been working to make my previously demonstrated voxel ray tracing system fully dynamic. Getting the voxel data to update fast enough was a major challenge, and it forced me to rethink the design. In the video below you can see the voxel data being updated at a sufficient speed. Lighting has been removed, as I need to change the way this runs.

I plan to keep two copies of the data in memory and let the GPU interpolate smoothly in between them, in order to smooth out the motion. Next I need to add the direct lighting and GI passes back in, which will add an additional small delay but hopefully be within a tolerable threshold.

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It seems great for GI but I'm not sure if this can replace environment probes and sslr. Maybe on rough and dirty materials it's not noticable but with this kind of reflective walls resolution is just too low

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I think a combination of voxels for rough surfaces and polygon ray tracing for sharp reflections will provide the best results. Neither of them can really do both.

The RTX approach is an extremely brute force method, and I think I can get better much performance with other means.

It's kind of funny that right now we basically have a power struggle between engine developers and hardware manufacturers. I hope the GPU makers don't try to take over more in the future.

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