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Welcome to this blog!



Hello everyone.
First of all, let me begin this blog by some explanations about Twisted Minds, this blog, me, etc. 

About me 

I've been creating some simple little games for a while now. Never publishing them, just showing them off to my friends and family. It has always been a dream of mine to create my video game studio and create video games for a living. Those little game, simple as they were, always makes me continue forward into video game development and computer development in general. I've grown with computers, video games, and books. I've always been a dreamer, creating stories inside my head. I've even written some books, but I'm not good at French and I was too shy. But I kept dreaming, creating a complex world, and stories. 
In 2017 I was diagnosed with pretty big scoliosis which led to an operation one year later, in July of 2018. I didn't take this "seriously", I didn't want to scare my friends and family. And honestly, I wasn't really scared of it. But, if I write about it here, you probably know what it means... I'm not dead, obviously nor am I paralyzed. The operation went pretty well and successfully. The problem starts just after the operation had ended. I had a pretty big allergy to plasma they gave me. (Yeah, I'm a pretty big allergic person...). This leads to one week in intensive care, connected to a machine, unable to think clearly, unable to sleep well. This leads to PTSD. Of course, it's not the same horror as a terrorism victim or soldier can have, but this broke my mental health quite a bit. Never really talked about it to family and friends but I went to see a psychiatrist for help. 
Even if the last paragraph seems like a really bad thing, I'm grateful it happened. This pushed me to grow and think by myself and that's when I went all-in and started to look at how to makes my dream come to life. 2 years later, Jostatu was launched, on the 9th of March, the same day as my birthday.  

Twisted Minds

Twisted Minds is my first published game. Twisted Minds is a psychological horror game cut into 7 different episodes. (A bit like Black mirror episodes, except I'm not just speaking about technology). It's a pretty strange game for a first public release, but the story or stories are important for me. 
This game will not be liked by everybody and some people may get shocked by some subject and it's the point of this game, talk about things people tend to ignore.
I will keep the episode as secret as I can to preserve the surprise effect for each one of them if you want to play the game when it gets released (hopefully before the end of 2020)

Why this blog?

Now, why did I made this blog? I made it because I wanted to share my experience, to get a souvenir on the making of my first game, and because it's the first game to be released and when it will go public, a big part of my life will be complete, no matter the reviews and the comments. 
I won't bring much knowledge to the community here, both technical and experience, but if I can give some motivation to some, help others and share my dream with the world a little bit more, I don't want to miss the occasion.
I will try to post regularly, whenever I have something to tell, news, etc. If I can make some tutorials about game development, I will try to. Now, if you are interested in my stuff, Twisted Minds, or anything else, you can take a look at these links:




Thank you very much for having read all of this.

If you are interested, you can follow the blog.




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