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The curse of all larger organizations is that they can not afford to do anymore what they want, but they have to align to the needs and demands of their customers. However, if the organization incorporates also system analysis and consulting, a firm basis for cooperation between the customer and the organization can be established.My goals were always experimental and pioneric, I tried not to make profit, but to keep the costs as low as possible, while also keeping the costs for my customers also as low as possible. However, being too good and overcompetitive can be unwanted in some countries. Rather than doing the best what you can do, you should perform as crappy as the others do.But the battle is not over yet, indeed it hasn't even started yet, so we will continue to be the most competetive and priceworthy company of the world while keeping quality at the best it can be. That is our vision, and always will be.If you want some numbers, here are some:■ .com, .net, .org, etc... Domain hosting: 10 per year.■ Domino based Notes or Web application hosting: 10 per started GB per year (including unlimited bandwidth up to 4 TB space).■ Blog Site: 10 per started GB per year.■ Asus High End Laptops: 940 including full quality control, complete installation and configuration of OS and applications (open office, etc..), and lifetime warranty on support services.■ Solving problems which nobody else in the world can do: 100 per hour (You will first get an work time estimate, and you only pay if you are satisfied with the solution, and get a detailed breakdown of all tasks involved).




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