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Siipi Web Site Creator



The Siipi Web Site Creator is now completed, and one user is already using it (Godwin Ikegwuonu).With this web based tool you can create complete web sites running on a Domino server. You can choose to run it under a user site under siipi.com, for example siipi.com/yourname or under your own domain, for example www.yourname.com.The price for this tool (used disk space is counted as total sum of your applications) is 10 per started GB per year. If you want additionally your own domain to run it, a domain (.com, .net, etc..) costs 10 per year when ordered from Siipi, but of course you can also choose to have your domain hosted by an other provider.No additional tools are needed, only a web browser. You can also choose your own graphical web site editor, for example Nvu (which is a free, open source, cross platform web editor), and configure it to publish the web pages directly to the Siipi Web Site tool. You can deploy web pages and all kind of files into the tool, and all known protocols are also supported: ftp://, mms://, http://, https://, etc...Especially easy is the linking of web pages and files in this tool, you just need to say "/files/bagname/filename" or "/pages/pagename" in your HTML source.The tool is available in English and Finnish language.




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