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Top 10 complaints from Notes mailbox-only users who moved to Outlook



This is an imaginary scenario, which would apply at least to me, in case I would have to move from Notes to Outlook:1) I wrote an LotusScript agent to identify and move spam mails with an advanced AI logic using a huge notes database for knowledge. In Outlook it doesn't work anymore. Do I need a MSSQL server and learn C++?2) I can read other people's mailboxes by simply loading their mailbox file into a text editor. They are totally unencrypted!3) My buttons which have LotusScript code in them don't work anymore in my e-mails to my users. We have still thousands of Notes applications, and simply moving the mail into Outlook doesn't seem like a proper migration to me.4) I don't like the design of Outlook, how can I make my own mail template, like I used to do many times in Notes?5) I want to automate things in my mail box, like I used to do in Notes. Where has all the programmability gone, do I need to do my daily work all manually now? I think we need 10 secretaries per user then.6) What the heck? My computer was just infected by a virus when I only opened an e-mail! McAfee didn't even notice it, and I noticed it also accidentally by the task manager load of my PC, before it could delete all my files. This seems very dangerous to me, and in Notes this was not even possible!7) Now it says the Exchange Server is down again, I never had this kind of problems with Notes and Domino.8) Whoah, the Exchange Server is up again, after 12 hours of waiting, but they say all todays work was lost, and they could only restore a backup from yesterday. Man, how I miss the consistency checks of Domino when Domino crashed, I can't even remember when any document was lost afterwards.9) Where is the calendar and resource reservation? Don't say I need to manually maintain a seperate calender program and a database with all our thousands of resources in the company. We need 10 more secretaries per user.10) Ok, my mailbox is too big again, how can I cut & paste mails or use my archiver agent to move mails into my annual archives?




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