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Tweaking the Notes 8 Launcher



I found a new command line option for the rcplauncher.exe: -nosplash, which removes the Notes 8 splash screen when you start Notes.I also managed to get rid of the "Getting Started" page, but as I did too many things at once, I don't know which one caused it. Now I never get the "Getting Started" page, and I would like to get it back to be able to reproduce how I removed it. Amongs many other things, I added -noautostart -nolauncher to the Notes 8 icon. But also tried to switch parameters in some XML files, and Ctrl+Shift clicking on the Help/Getting Started menu item. One of those has done it, but I don't know which one it was. According to Mary Beth Raven, the "Getting Started" page should not automatically open again when you start Notes, after you have once closed it, but it seems not to work for everyone or every time.Some people have complained also about the black DOS screen when Notes starts, or even the black Full Screen text mode, if your Windows starts by default all Windows Console applications in Full Screen mode. This DOS window or screen can be minimized, so that you won't barely notice it appear for a split second in the task bar.Also often forgotten are the shortcut keys to launch applications in Windows, why not assign Ctrl + Shift + N to start Notes, or even to bring the Notes window to front when it's already running and you are working in another window.And finally, you can enter a comment which will pop up when you hover with your mouse over the icon. This might be useful when you want to describe the icon a bit more, and don't want to have long names flooding your desktop.Here's my complete tweak set for my Notes 8 Beta launch icon:tweakednotes8launcherproperties.jpgtweakednotes8launcherlegend.jpg




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