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Bruce Elgort keeps deleting my comments!



I think he must be mad at me because I didn't deliver the next generation Domino Search engine to him yet (for IdeaJam). Well, it's not 100% ready for production, and needs lots of manual setup to make it work for custom applications. I'm planning to make an easy frontend interface so that it can be used like the normal Domino Search engine.The interface will including things like include/exclude lists of field names, update frequency, etc...But deleting my comments... I think it's the biggest sin of mankind to delete any Notes documents - I've personally not deleted any mails since I got Notes in 1995.I've seen also similar things happen in discussion boards, but there the reason was that the phpBB/SMF update was not able to convert old formats to the new format.So, if you post to Bruce Elgort's blog, please make sure you have a backup of your post, else your valuable time and idea might be lost forever! Same goes for all non-Domino based discussion boards on the web of course.




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