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Notes and Domino 8.0.1 have too many fatal bugs



Some things I have experienced:Domino 8.0.1 fatal bugs:- Domino 8.0.1 on an AIX5L 5.3 server keeps crashing several times per day- Domino 8.0.1 on one Windows32 server has crashed 4 times total- Domino 8.0.1 on another Windows32 server crashed today for the first time- Domino 8.0.1 x32 on Windows x64 makes Notes C API Terminate() call to hang for several minutes.Notes 8.0.1 fatal bugs:- Notes 8.0.1 has caused the harddisk's Master File Table to get corrupted multiple times on 2 different PCs, obviously because I am replicating my mail file to Local every 1 minute, and it has also FTI (on the Local replica only).The symptoms that Notes 8.0.1 has damaged your harddisk's MFT are like this:- Many error dialog windows in Windows saying: "The file or directory C:$Mft is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility."- The local replica will be 0 bytes in size after you have restarted Windows XP32, and it has fixed the MFT and corrupted file links- No other files on the harddisk are corrupted or set to 0 byte sizeThe next time a Domino 8.0.1 crashes, I will downgrade it to Domino 8.0.The next time a Notes 8.0.1 damages my harddisk's Master File Table, I will downgrade it to Notes 8.0.The good news is that Notes and Domino 8.0 also support document and design compression, although you can't set or see them in the database properties. But they can still read and write the databases using compression.




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