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Revisiting my code



Hi there,


While spending some days in hospital without internet connection I have used the time (not much) to

revisit my existing code for my tools and I have found some things i will no get on:


First the Batch converter:


I have started to reprogram it, not everything but the whole internal structure will

change a lot. I have found a lot of design errors which are too heavy to fix and reprogramming

it with using some old components seems faster and cleaner to me. I believe that a new version will

be out on Sunday.


Now my assetmanager/builder:


After revisiting my old tool which i mentioned in my first post I have tweaked it a bit and came

to the conclusion that it is much better than i thought and it works very good with nearly every

package i have tested. One downside of this tool is that the configuration could not be set per

model, but this is not really needed as i have found out.


Normally model packages are created with the same size relation so a global scale value can solve

scaling issues. In short: I will publish the small tool with some additions :


-optional pack creation with password

-optional filling empty materials with dummy materials


the later one is due the fact that some exporters doesn't seem to export every material

into the model and without this option you need to reexport these models by hand etc. .

The option will create a log file which materials are missing in a model with its dummy material file.

The dummy materials will all have the same structure but can be edited individual. One idea to uniqly name the missing

materials is the following:




Any suggestions are welcome.


Recommended Comments

Good news.

Is there any possible way for you to make a GMF surface material renamer? I would be ready to pay for this tool. <.< I seriously need it.

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