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Tonight I have mostly been coding...rotor RPM



Actually the rotor brake system. I'm not really clear what would happen if the rotor brake is off when you move the power levers from the Idle to Fly position. Procedures say DONT, return the switch back to on until the engines are at flight speed (approx 100%). Once the engines are happily settled at flight speed flip the brake off and the rotors begin to turn. Watch the rotor RPM gauge on the MFD until it's in the yellow close to 100% then you're good to go.


Conversely, I'm not too clear what damage might occur when then rotors are at 100% and the rotor brake switch is is turned on. A lot of heat and grinding metal noise? A nasty letter from the Boeing company? Currently I just have it decay the RPM to zero under a constant until I get a better answer.




I added more realism options to the config.xml for control over individual items like startup, targetting, flight model.


OOOH, I just remembered why I was really happy today. AD fixed the road physics problem by using displacement mapping in 3DS MAX. So no hacky hacks may be required for road driving afterall. Well done sir. I knew I was feeling buoyant for a reason. If you want to know what the hacky hack means, the road surface was aligned to the terrain with a vertex shader which moves each point on the model level with the ground (relatively) but physics engines don't know what vertex shaders do to geometry, as far as they are concerned the model is unchanged. So there's a disconnect between what the physics engine updates and what the 3D card renders on screen. Using displacement mapping with our heightmap as source, the road meshes are baked at the right elevations to fit, the physics model and visual model are now united and traffic may now use the roads without any problems.


So, way to go AD. Another cracking solution.4946580266235927217-4030167897535694342?l=combathelo.blogspot.com




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Well yes I thought bad things would happen too. Turns out the Apache stops the pilot from doing stupid things like that and freezes out controls and switches so it never happens.


I've added game logic to to do just. You can no longer advance the power levers past IDLE until the rotor brake switch is set to the OFF position. The switch event will fire but won't move, so I can add some warning or message to the player as to what to do next.


To bad I didn't script all this but I didn't know we might need it.

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After I wrote my reply I kind of figured that it would simply do nothing as a fail-safe. Warning messages would definitely cut it when teaching what to do and not to do, I think.

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