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Not a good sign - drive IO failiure




Another disaster strikes, PC wont boot at all. Strange thing happens on the BIOS screen, the moment any attempt to detect any drives (and I tried a few different drives that I know were fine), a bright underscore character appears under the circled comma (picture above).


So apart from my laptop I'm now without a working PC and no means to fix it atm :/4946580266235927217-2356547409031673938?l=combathelo.blogspot.com




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bad news for you,

looks like a dead motherboard as far i understand from your saying,

not expensive if is it, plus, good news the data are still there, just the motherboard can't boot.


try to get out your memory bars (don't know the word in english)

and try another power unit if you can (not expensive too) before buying a new motherboard


sorry for this

hope you will good with your heli game data...

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Hey Flexman, try checking all of your SATA cables. I had this happen a few months ago, and it turns out I had broken a tab off of the end of one of my SATA cables which was causing it to twist just slightly in the socket and causing a boot error just like yours.

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Check all your cables and try booting the PC in different memory and hard drive configurations. Sometimes it can even be stuff like the DVD drive fouling up the boot process so the more you can strip away the more chance you have of fixing the problem and then you can continue adding components back in until you find the faulty one.


Personally I don't think it is a motherboard problem and if it is I imagine you can fix it with a BIOS reflash (although I wouldn't recommend this until you have no other options left as theres a risk that you could brick your motherboard if you do it wrong).

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It's a fault on the motherboard al-right but odd that it's only directed at SATA HDDs and not SATA DVDs connected. It sees a 'mirror' of the HDD but can't access either and the HD access light will stay on from power up.


I was made redundant from my day job six months ago and now funds are so scarce I really can't afford to replace anything anymore. Really frustrating. But someone has kindly offered to help out with a new part so with any luck I might be able to get back to work in a week or so.

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