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Publishing my game



Hello all,


For almost 1 month we made changes and add some new stuff to our game: Jane Croft. After we send to Big Fish Game a first version to review they told us we should make some changes. Here is a list of the most major issues:


· Full screen needs to be the default mode in which the game starts.


· Some issues regarding the HUD


· Our story was told as a movie script, but BFG public wants something more detailed so we had to change it to something similar to a comic book


· the scenes are too dark and some objects were too small. Also some objects didn’t look integrated well enough (didn’t have shadows and were too easy to find as they weren’t blended into the scene).


We started immediately the work and after 2 more builds we finally finished. Yesterday the game went to BFG QA and I hope I will receive an answer Monday.


Right now we are making the trailer and the site for the game. As soon as will be ready I will update the blog. Until then here is a screenshot from a minigame:



More screenshots may be found on the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/rvlgames


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Unfortunately it's not made with LE. When I was starting this project I did not know this engine very well. I am working now at a new game with LE :lol:

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