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extending LE.NET ...



Hi folks,


here is a new relatively short entry to my blog introducing my current side project (which will be the base of my bigger secret project) which I will make public to the community.


I'm calling this project "Leadwerks.Extensions". In detail it is a project which will extend the current LE.Net headers with a set of setalite assemblies which will contain and provide some additional functions to the .Net community. My goal is to release a first set of dlls this weekend containing at least 3 assemblies.

1. Leadwerks.Extensions.Common

The basic assembly containing shared functions used by all other assemblies but also providing some helpful functions like enabling rawGL mode, additional engine.dll commands.

2. Leadwerks.Extensions.Drawing

Providing a growing library of 2D funtionality like animated images, viewport and scissor commands, and a lot more


3. Leadwerks.Extensions.Awesomium




A picture often says more than words :)


I have a lot of ideas for upcoming extensions (GUI, AI, IK, GameManagement, etc.), but if you have ideas or wishes feel free to post them in the comments.


thx for your attention and more details will follow this weekend.


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Some tools to get data into a game would be handy. An XML read/writer and/or simple SQL engine. Raknet intergration too.

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Yes. Configurable game input is a pain when it shouldn't be.


Most implementations of input libraries fall short, SDL uses the Windows Media layer which is a poor-mans joystick interface that can't address all the axis and buttons you get on high-end devices today. Documentation says you should be able to read up to 8 axis but in practice you can only read axis on drivers that map them to the WML interface, which is often only sub-set. Might be good for simple joypads and low end devices but useless for exotic controllers such as Thrustmasters and Saitek Pro devices.


Really need a good DirectInput interface/wrapper.

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