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AI, Waypoints, A* Pathfinding, Lua & Leadwerks.

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To prevent non Leadwerks Engine specific entries from my Blog being automatically published here via the Blog Feed, I have removed that functionality, and will simply add a new entry title and link here for all Leadwerks Engine specific entries.



Leadwerks Specific Blog Entry.



AI, Waypoints, A* Pathfinding, Lua & Leadwerks.


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Thanks RP, Mack wrote the function(s) for the random visible waypoints. Not sure what hes working on now as we are not working to a plan just each having ideas in this area, writing scripts and then adding them to "the" pile. We have an A* pathfinding library that we have been using thats written in Lua which is showing promise for quite a few things I have in mind.

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The A* script that MG created is fantastic and much needed considering the lack of pathfinding solutions available in lua inherently.

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