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The Fastest Programming Language of the World



I was looking at some old programming languages like COBOL (a business oriented language, and the second oldest language: founded in 1959), Ada, Fortran, Prolog, and few others. My interest was only to see how programming worked in the old days, and if they had any good ideas which I could reuse for the upcoming symbolic visual language.

When I stumbled upon Fortran, I remembered that some people had said that it's faster than C++, and I remember the funny fact that Intel has the fastest C++ compiler, but still they sell it side by side with their Fortran compiler. That kinda made me curious to see, if the reason why Intel still supports Fortran, is indeed because it's faster than C++, and I was positively surprised when I made some speed tests and in each test MinGW G95 (now also MinGW Fortran, aka gfortran) beat MinGW C++ in performance.

So far I've been using MinGW C++ because it makes faster code than Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 C++ (and compiles also much faster, like the same program takes 2 seconds to compile with MinGW C++ and 30 seconds with VS 2010), and I haven't got a business case to invest for Intel C++ which might be even faster than MinGW C++.

And the loop to IBM closes as I found that Fortran was actually invented by John Backus of IBM in San Jose, California in 1950: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortran <_<

My study on Fortran involved learning the language in a few days, and I came up with this chart:




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