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IBM Lotus Notes/Domino is dead, long live IBM Notes/Domino!



ibmnd.pngJust fresh out from the press: IBM will drop the Lotus part from the name, because it misleads many people who remember Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Smartsuite, and yes even Lotus Notes which is often thought as ancient and dead.

This is very cool, because it removes the long name nonsense and makes it clear that it's a real IBM product, and everyone knows that IBM is the leader in computer technology, mostly on the hardware side, but since the aquisition of Lotus also on the software side, and of course since the invention of Fortran.

Also a SharePoint killer app will be included out-of-the-box with IBM Notes/Domino at some point. I don't have any details on this, but I would assume it would integrate IBM Quickr plugins in it, without needing a seperate IBM Quickr server.

As I mentioned earlier on Vowe's blog, I converted from C/C++ to IBM Fortran. I never liked Microsoft C#.NET, because it's slow and bloated (and I just can't understand why someone would use Garbage Collection, since for me it means only that the programmer has no skills and discipline and should not program in first place), and IBM Fortran beats even C/C++ in speed and of course it beats both C#.NET and C/C++ in easyness to write code, thus increasing productivity a lot.

IBM Fortran for IBM Notes/Domino is indeed a double RAD solution: radical performance combined with radically easy development. Usually they work reciprocally, but not with this approach.

I have a plan to make Fortran 2008 a sexy and modern language, and it involves several steps:

1) Establish web site for Fortran 2008: http://www.fortran2008.com [DONE]

2) Establish IBM Domino based custom forum for Fortran 2008: http://www.fortran2008.com/forum [DONE]

3) Make a OpenGL and FreeGLUT demo for Fortran 2008, because it seems that nobody has done it before: http://www.fortran2008.com/posts/3D46BEECFB7212EDC22578C200420D3E [DONE]

4) Implement the most advanced realtime 3D engine for Fortran 2008 [Coming in 2011-07-30]

5) Implement IBM Fortran API for IBM Notes/Domino [Coming in 2011-09-30]

6) Continue implementing and supporting several other essential high quality libraries for Fortran, like sqlite3, sdl_net, etc... and make easy to follow tutorials so that even beginners can understand them.




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