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Leadwerks3D as generic cross-platform 2D/3D application framework



I'm dreaming of Leadwerks3D, and while waiting for its release in June, I have already many ideas what I want to do with it. Then I realized, it's actually much more than just a 3D game engine, because it allows to have a OpenGL context on all devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Linux, and more in future. In addition, it allows you to code in C++ on all those devices, which means that also high level languages, like my SuperBasic will work on all platforms, because it uses a C++ compiler in the backend, and of course the SuperBasic precompiler which is written in C++ too.


This would make it possible to have a programming IDE and game editor even on mobile phones.


Now that again means, that we should actually do all development of GUIs, applications, including business applications and tools with Leadwerks3D itself, and not use some external libraries like Qt, GTK+, GLUT, SDL, etc..., because then it would not work all platforms again, at least not directly.


We only need that Leadwerks3D has all the minimum required libraries built-in, which are needed for game development, since game development is much more demanding that other applications. So there should be SQLite3 and libCURL by default in Leadwerks3D too, so that we can have a fast database system and easy HTTP/FTP access with the native engine commands. With a simple HTTP command set I could make WebService calls and other HTTP stuff on every device, which is the most important feature of modern applications. Everyone is connected that way, and can integrate with any system.


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This would make it possible to have a programming IDE and game editor even on mobile phones.

Do mobiles generally have compilers on them? All I've ever seen or heard about was compiling on a PC them moving the result to the mobile device. Maybe Lua would work like this since Josh's exe he'll provide will be the "compiler"

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Android itself doesn't have GNU C++, but you can install Debian Linux in Android, so you can run both Android and Debian at the same time on your Android phone. You just need to download the Window Terminal from Android Market to enter your Linux commands then.



Another way would be making a game framework in C++ for Android with Leadwerks3D, which can be configured with a 2D/3D editor to act how you want your game to act. Of course this must follow the EULA, so the actual editor would need to be only for registered members, or some similar mechanism to avoid breaking the EULA.


And using Lua is even a 3rd way, but it can be combined with the previous way too.

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I think my dream of visual flowgraph development would work great on the mobile devices (tabs for the best result). I could great a "game" using LE that basically is a flowgraph editor that generates Lua behind the scenes to turn around and run in the Lua exe Josh makes. I wonder if he's be open to something like that.

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Yeah, on small mobile screens, typing text is usually not the best input method, but dragging graphical shapes around is actually easier with a finger than with the mouse on a PC. Because the mouse is not as accurate as your finger, and you need to move it forth and back and lift it, while the finger is just whereever you need instantly, or at least it feels so smile.png


I want a touchscreen for my PC too! Samsung seems to have some nice models, and I already have several Samsung monitors and a Samsung 3D TV.

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Damn, maybe I'm getting the DELL instead then, like Rick :P I checked today, and the Samsung TSN (touchscreen) series are damn expensive, what a FAIL.

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So I assume the Lua version of LE on mobile is sort of the same as it is on Windows? A generic executable that runs a lua script. So that would mean that someone could make a visual flowgraph system that translates to Lua and then we could develop games on the mobile device itself!


That could be huge because it could allow someone to develop games on the iPad without having to own a mac because I would buy an iPad, but not an iPad and mac.


Another interesting thing is that if you wrote the editor in something that could run on Android and iOS (say MonoTouch .NET) then people could develop on their mobile devices too. Sort of like: http://digitaltools.node3000.com/blog/3376-codify-lua-based-scripting-on-ipad

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Naturally everything containing C# and .NET should be avoided, since it's Microsoft dictatorship and fighting heavily against the global standard (which is ISO, Khronos, etc,...)

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