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Think/Anatomy/Painting [Warning: Little nude content]



Done this in almost 4-5 hours (yes, too slow).


The most important reason I paint is that sometimes I just want to finish a job to make myself satisfy. to tell that I can make a complete job (fake self confidence but still helpful). and also when I'm full of something, the things I think about during the painting are really joy/helpful.

I'm inspired by the brain and it's abilities. which makes me think that the brain may be everything.

and off course there is a link between this post and the brain. (I don't want you to think I wanted to tell something philosophical(brain related) by erasing the face. she doesn't have the face because I can't paint a good face)

I want to break the rules and to paint is a way to know the rules.

that's all.





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On the contrary, the shadows and anatomy look really good. Give the face a try and I think you will do just fine. Her right (from her point of view) hand is a bit unusual. Unless her hand is broken, it is pretty difficult having your fingers pointing that way. Still, really nice painting. smile.png

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Guest Red Ocktober


the above comment was a satirical reference to a shout out from the forum... nothing more B...


i grew up in the free love generation, travelled the world, been married for 34 years, had kids, divorced, touched the face of god, etc. etc. etc... ok... so, a b&w image of a nude is hardly something that i'd consider sponge worthy...


so you can keep your sighs of indignation to a minimum, and not get all wound up about nothing...



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Not bad, indeed. But, as Aggror said, it's as if she has a broken or twisted arm/hand. Also, the shadowing is somewhat wrong here and there. If the light comes from the top left (as expected by looking at the left breast on the image), then the shadowing on the right breast should be darker underneath the right breast (on the image), and a bit brighter above. Somehow, it looks as if the light comes from different angles. But overall, a very good drawing! Nice work. smile.png


Note: this reminds me of my childhood when I was also a lot into drawing/painting. smile.png

It's been several years now that I last painted. Making games is now what inspires me more (also because I can combine art and music in games). ;-)

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@Aggror: you're right. the right hand looks terrible!


@Shadmar: SSAO makes every scene look alive ;)

@red october: not brain, but tits are everything.also I was totally wrong about your age all these years!

@Benton: if you want, you can have it for personal use. (right click, save image as) ;)

@ChrisV: thanks for points. I will consider these details ;)

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