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Hit The Niche Leadwerks - What I'd like to see in a 3D Game Engine



As a game developer and programmer one of the most frustrating things can be choosing a game engine or graphics library.


It seems this day and age there's a library of options but non of them seem to fit the bill. What am I looking for when I assess a graphics library/game engine?


Compatibility - I want my product to be as usable as possible and reach as large of an audience as possible. I want to see my game on PC, PS3, XBOX, PSVita, Android and iOS.


Flexibility - If you're lucky enough to find an engine that works on all platforms you're typically restricted to the language of that platform, it's great programming in c# for PC but now I have to convert that C for my iOS.


Features - Shaders. I love shaders. Shaders and artwork seem to make the difference from a game that looks like it was made in 2000 or 2012.


This is where I know it becomes a far fetched fairy tale....


Openness - If something doesn't work right, fast enough, or is missing I want to be able to go inside and change the source code to get it right.


I haven't yet been able to find a library that meets the compatibility or flexibility I'm looking for let alone the features.


I'm crossing my fingers that Leadwerks is it.

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I also want ease of use. I would rather get a game done quickly and maybe a bit sloppy, rather then write the best code ever and gain .5 fps :)

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