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Level Construction Set Part 2: Level Editor WIP

Road Kill Kenny


blog-0332531001349104882.jpgI've been working on this level editor for my game to go with the level construction set idea I chose to adopt for my level management. The below video is a Vlog showing my progress with the editor.


The idea behind the editor is to reduce the rather impossible grunt work known as filling in a database line by line with data to create a data. I make the level in the editor and all that information gets saved and it writes those lines for me.


Current Major Features Include:

- Loading Levels

- Adding level pieces

- Adding materials to pieces

- moving and rotating pieces around the scene


Features I Still Need to Make:

- Saving Levels

- Adding Lights

- Adding Spawn Points

- Adding Various Types of Triggers

- Adding level props

- Adding Enemies & NPC's

- Fixing a tonne of bugs.


It still has a long way to go but it is starting to show its colors.


Enjoy the video:

GUI made with pure LE commands.


Recommended Comments

Nice work! Impressive (especially GUI).


If you replace (or add) that balls with square planes (it will look like a grid with lines) you will pixel-hunt easier. :) Just suggestion.

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My hat off and my head to the floor .... That GUI is quite an achievement and with pure LE commands, which shows that pure LE is fully capable for a really nice GUI. GREAT WORK!!! smile.png and a great inspiration for me.

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Thanks guys. Yeh although not ideal you can make a fairly decent GUI with LE commands.


A lot of this GUI is just using DrawRect() and DrawLine() with as few DrawImage() functions as possible. I like to stay away from the DrawImage because then it relies on external files. This works for this kind of editor UI but for in game UI you kinda need the textures and DrawImage()

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