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About This Project

Battle League is going to be a collaboration between gamers, developers and Gamehawk(small game studio). The goal is to have a multiplayer shooter game. Using all the features the Leadwerks/Turbo engine has. Including good graphics, realistic sound, realistic gameplay and the possibility for gamers to create cool modifications for the game. Official Website: www.gamehawk.de

  1. What's new in this project
  2. 1. You need the TURBO game engine 2.Download the SOURCE 3.Import it to the engine 4.Modificate the game 5.Export the mod and publish it or send it to us and we are going to implement it to the official game version
  3. (1.3.1) Here we are going to publish finished concept art:
  4. Networking(1.2.1)s going have the following parts: Server Server
  5. To be able to create this project it is important to follow a certain structure! 1.Parts 1.1Organizer: 1.1.1 1.1.2 1.1.3 1.1.4 1.2Programmer: 1.2.1Networking 1.2.2Gameplay/Gamemodes 1.2.3HUD/MENU 1.2.4NPC 1.2.5Game Launcher 1.3Designer 1.3.1Concept art 1.3.2Prototype 1.3.3Assets 1.3.4Implementation of assets into prototype maps 1.3.5Visual effects 1.4PR 1.4.1Game testing(If there are bugs etc. the programmers and designers have to fix this problem before the files can be published) 1.4.2Blog Update of the project 1.4.3Blog Update of "Gamehawk" 1.4.4File upload to -> Leadwerks games, Gamehawk website, cloud, Gamehawk gaming platform 2.Moders
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