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A surviving astronaut on Mars, struggling to stay alive.

  1. What's new in this project
  2. Some update is fixed ! Porject_Mars_1b.zip
  3. Great work for Alpha release ! One little something I would like to say is keyboard, w for walking in qwerty but think too for azerty as z for walking ! Can you fix that ? Everything else is very good.
  4. Very cool ! Yeah, something it doesn't show the objects who keeps with tires ? And windows I was making the alpha too but don't work ? 🤔
  5. It looks great, something to see is that the axles of the tires are not visible, although I can see them in blender. Tomorrow I release version 0.1 alpha.
  6. Ok I was working to Uv mapping for this vehicle, see it below One screenshot from Blender and another screenshot that I successfully import to Leadwerks ! Porject_Mars.zip
  7. You need a debris accident area. An orbiter on high orbit mars has crashed, and all debris is scattered over a considerable area of mars. For the survivor, this is indispensable to recover resources that will allow him to survive. Oxygen, food, shelter, tools etc. Note: Low Poly
  8. Hi adebgamesoft, Sorry for late to thank you for joined us and welcome So you say you are good in 3D modeling ? See to Yue what you can do it ? Ask any question or help here, thanks.
  9. Interesting and thank you for sharing the code
  10. Hi Yue, What do you need in your project for 3D model ?
  11. Update First Post, file Script Vehicle. I already have the vehicle's rear transmission. The next step is to work on the front transmission, which includes wheel steering, spring and wheel motor.
  12. Working on the suspension of the vehicle, the prototype looks, well, a hard suspension. -- Constructor Vehicle. function this:Start() self.jointFL = Joint:Slider(self.bell0:GetPosition(false).x,self.bell0:GetPosition(false).y,self.bell0:GetPosition(false).z,0,1,0, self.chassis, self.bell0) self.jointFL:EnableLimits() self.jointFL:SetLimits(-0.1,0.1) self.jointFL:SetSpring(100) self.jointFR = Joint:Slider(self.bell1:GetPosition(false).x,self.bell1:GetPosition(false).y,self.bell1:GetPosition(false).z,0,1,0, self.chassis, self.bell1) self.jointFR:EnableLimits() self.jointFR:SetLimits(-0.1,0.1) self.jointFR:SetSpring(100) self.jointBL = Joint:Slider(self.bell2:GetPosition(false).x,self.bell2:GetPosition(false).y,self.bell2:GetPosition(false).z,0,1,0, self.chassis, self.bell2) self.jointBL:EnableLimits() self.jointBL:SetLimits(-0.1,0.1) self.jointBL:SetSpring(100) self.jointBR = Joint:Slider(self.bell3:GetPosition(false).x,self.bell3:GetPosition(false).y,self.bell3:GetPosition(false).z,0,1,0, self.chassis, self.bell3) self.jointBR:EnableLimits() self.jointBR:SetLimits(-0.1,0.1) self.jointBR:SetSpring(100) end Test Spring Vehicle 4 Wheels.mp4
  13. Vehicle analysis. As you will have two vehicles, this vehicle is something special, because in its four wheels has four bells, then in the back the two bells will have two spring unions that stick to the chassis, in turn the tires are attached to each bell with a hinge union. On the front transmission I do not yet have it very clear, initially must be think a hinge union to turn the bell and then the spring union, I have to think better this. Any suggestion is welcome.
  14. The script for the vehicle has been started. Initially four wheels, although it is necessary to go thinking about 6 wheels, this one serves us as base to go developing the system. Vehicle.lua
  15. It looks great, and that's the average number of polygons I've established, between 5,000 and 6,000.
  16. Not finished but I will refine more this so more wip What do you think of my model ? It is low poly, althought it makes a little more 6000 poly but I think i can make less poly too for perfomance...
  17. Yeah, it's a good idea, a bigger one to transport supplies.
  18. Can have two vehicle as one small and one big ?
  19. Great your vehicle is better than mine ! Ok I will work this it
  20. For some reason I am motivated to create a test prototype for a vehicle. So we already have our temporary model for when a more robust and elegant model arrives. The idea is that the player can get into the vehicle and walk the surface of Mars.
  21. The only difficulty I've had in my vehicle prototypes is that it affects my performance a lot, I think it's because of my low computing power, vehicle rocks, they lower the fps a lot, but it would be good to try again. It would be to make a simple prototype to see if it works better.
  22. This is a movie, I don't remember the name, I remember that in some time I looked for some vehicle similar to this one, but it was impossible. Those jobs are always paid.
  23. It looks great, I was just thinking about that, including a vehicle. I was looking for just one, but that one looks really good. Implement the driver to be the astronaut, I have the experience to program it.
  24. What do you think for Vehicle for Mars ? Yes it is a work in progress This image is starting on the cockpit from the vehicle with Blender.
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