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  2. Coroutine enabled state machine

    I added a script to the workshop which you can get from the LE editor Workshop->Browse Workshop. I also did 3 video tutorials on usage from beginner to more advanced coroutine usage within the states. Don't ask me why the 2nd video link didn't show up in this post. No clue.
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  4. YADC

    Anyone know anything similar and easy to use for C / C++?
  5. YADC

    Yep that’s the one I have used before. Works great and easy to implement!
  6. YADC

    If you have not done so already I have used Jumper pathfinding library for LUA and found it worked well and was easy to intergrate. Just search google for it if needed.
  7. YADC

    Same. The character controllers doing wacky things instead of just going directly for the player is really unfortunate. A* in this case makes sense. (I was debating using brute force for my tournament project since the rooms weren't going to be too complex.) My version was going to have different size/shape rooms so my solution was to have a hole in the walls for each exit and also a hidden door and a hidden wall. Then, depending on where the room had doors versus walls, I unhid the door or wall accordingly. Worked pretty well.
  8. YADC

    Honestly, I've had bad luck with LE's navigation. Just always ends up being a decent amount of little issues to it when it comes to the AI moving along it. My plan is to just use A* with something like this since each room will be a square like shown. I'll grid out each room and have them move that way. I'll place props on the grid as well so it's nice and easy. I'm not allowing monsters to move from room to room, but when you are in a room I might sometimes block the doors until you kill the monsters so you are stuck in there and can't just go out to the next room to rest/heal. This example was 2 rooms in the map itself. The 2nd room wasn't generated on the fly but that would be the plan eventually. Room generation is interesting. First everything would be on 1 level. I don't have plans to move up or down. Each room has at least 1 exit/entrance but can have more. My idea was to have a room model for all variations of exits. North.mdl, NorthSouth.mdl, NorthSouthWest.mdl, NorthSouthEastWest.mdl, etc. On map load the entire dungeon is generated. Start with the first room and pick a random exit room model, and build out from there. The themes would just be the material used on the rooms. Since each room is gridded for navigation I can also put the props on the grid as well. If each prop/enemy has an ID each room just becomes a 2D array of numbers. So these configurations can be built out in an editor but ultimately as just 2D arrays stored to file and picked from on load of the dungeon and creation of a room. This way I can have a bunch of predefined configurations to pick from so they look good. I could even make sure each level gets a certain configuration for each room if I wanted. Lots to think about.
  9. Sketchfab Download API Sketchfab released their download API a few days ago which allows you to find models on Sketchfab and import them directly into your project from within the engine. It could be pretty neat but we already have the Steam workshop which is pretty much the same thing so I'm not sure if it's necessary. What do you think? 🤔 Documentation:
  10. YADC

    It's easier to load in rooms models, like I tried to do. But you have to generate a navmesh via code and world->SetSize is broken. So I'm curious, Rick: how were you planning on generating the rooms and how would you handle enemy navigation?
  11. YADC

    This is where Map Streaming Would be Cool
  12. Plugins in Leadwerks Game Engine 5

    "it's really just deep hierarchies you want to avoid" @Rick Yea that's the problem with the other engines, I found out. The classes in UE4 and CryEngine are too bloated and inaccessible.
  13. Plugins in Leadwerks Game Engine 5

    Classes are fine in any language, it's really just deep hierarchies you want to avoid. The age old composition vs inheritance. Composition can still be done with the idea of classes which basically every programmer knows and is comfortable using in 2018.
  14. Plugins in Leadwerks Game Engine 5

    Class based approach is difficult to work with. Just look at the UE4 and CryEngine C++ manual, you'll get nowhere. You can always create your own classes.
  15. Plugins in Leadwerks Game Engine 5

    Please make C++ a more valid to use for objects
  16. Leadwerks 5 Scripting

    I might have found a good library for the Lua binding that supports shared pointers:
  17. Historical Military Vehicle

    Version 1.0.0

    This historical military vehicle comes with and without wheels and with five decoration models.


  18. Farmer

    Version 1.0.0

    Farmer NPC Character by Sebastian Barz. This pack contains a medieval farmer. There different tools available like a hammer or a broom. Animated model with 32 animations!, 8916 triangles (LOD: 2676), textures in TGA, ready to use in your 3D work. Ideal NPC characters to fill in your scenes. Separate animation files! 2048x2048 textures (body, head and accessories).


  19. (Solved) Documentation error

    All the camera culling and rendering routines are used by lights when they render shadows. I did not want to create an extra camera entity associated with each light.
  20. (Solved) Documentation error

    Well, sure the Skybox might not be needed for Lights, but is needed for Probes. In general the Camera provides functions to render the scene and this is needed for probes and shadowmaps. You get all the info with the API-reference.xml as well. the filename usually looks like this: API-Reference_Object_Entity_Camera_Light_DirectionalLight Strip the beginning and split by _, then you get the whole hierarchy of the class. In some cases there is a something like Object_Math_AABB where Math is not a real class, but if you register all class names before parsing the actual class you can identify these and ignore those 'pseudo' classes.
  21. (Solved) Documentation error

    Thanks for the reply klepto. Interesting to know it inherits. It makes sense for methods like SetRange, but there are also many camera specific methods that have nothing to do with lights like Zoom and SetSkybox. Are there inherited by the Light and probe? I currently process the entire toc.xml because I need more than just the classes. For instance I want to display available subclasses and methods.
  22. (Solved) Documentation error

    I think that is correct. The Light and Probe classes are inherited from Camera class which makes perfect sence as both need the same behaviour as a camera. I am trying to generate a intellisense implementation by myself and i have come across this: This seems to contain all classes available in Leadwerks and is easier to parse than the toc.xml,
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  24. What are you working on :

    Here's a cool little expensive addition: the city is on fire! @gamecreator I'm also in your stage. I experiment a lot and I just see what looks good most of the time, sometimes I get lucky. I guess it just takes practice. @Josh That's a great idea. The left-most part of my map is barren right now, I can add trenches there. It would be perfect. Update: I'll need a sandbag models now to cover the trenches
  25. Generating the lua snippets brings up several issues with the toc. The lights and probe API are placed inside the camera.
  26. YADC

    You were right, I like that a lot better!
  27. What are you working on :

    Fill it with dead grass, brush, and small rocks, along with chunks of concrete and rubble. I can picture something that looks like above-ground WW2 trenches. Adding cover will greatly enhance the gameplay.
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