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  2. Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1.
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  4. I recently published the full source code to my little mini-game "Asteroids3D". You can download it here: Turning this into a VR game with Leadwerks Engine 4.5 was very easy. I will show you how here. The first step is to enable VR. This code will check to see if OpenVR initializes correctly. If it fails for any reason, an error message will be printed and the game will exit: if VR:Enable()==false then System:Print("VR failed to initialize.") return end Now we need to adjust some settings. If you are converting an existing game into a VR game, you will probably use seated tracking space. This allows the player to sit and use the keyboard and mouse just like they would in the non-VR game: VR:SetTrackingSpace(VR.Seated) With seated VR mode the camera offset (your body's position and rotation) is automatically added to the camera when rendering, so there's nothing else to worry about. After the map loads, right before your main loop starts, you should add a command to recenter the headset tracking. I added a five second delay beforehand to make sure the user has time to adjust their headset: Time:Delay(5000) VR:CenterTracking() If you want to mirror the display to the window, you can call VR:MirrorDisplay() right before Context:Sync(). (If you don't want this feature you can actually just remove the Sync() call completely): VR:MirrorDisplay(context) context:Sync(false) Sync will always disable VSync on the window when VR mode is enabled, since the headset refreshes at a higher rate than your monitor, and we don't want anything slowing it down. The rest of your game will work just as it would normally. That's really all there is to creating a seated VR game! You can download the VR project here.
  5. AsteroidsVR

  6. AsteroidsVR

    It's Asteroids3D rebuilt for VR! Difficulty is turned up. Pumpkins start on level 2. Uses seated VR. Source code is included. Do anything you want with it! Controls WASD steer your ship Escape quits Space key recenters tracking View full game
  7. AsteroidsVR

    It's Asteroids3D rebuilt for VR! Difficulty is turned up. Pumpkins start on level 2. Uses seated VR. Source code is included. Do anything you want with it! Controls WASD steer your ship Escape quits Space key recenters tracking
  8. Save Game Menu
  9. Border Recon

    Ah, I see. IMO, HDR + bloom + SSAO should always be used for outdoor scenes. Here's the Xbox version
  10. Border Recon

    The downside of the render quality on the last image is that it really made my eyes hurt after looking at the screen for 10 minutes. There was too much contrast.
  11. Border Recon

    It's tinted blue slightly. I think because the scene is so bright (naturally it would be in desert areas) the blue is barely noticeable against the white. On the image below you can tell the blue tint of the ambient colour but the white light dilutes it and making it unnoticeable in most places. This is probably the most blue I can add to the ambient though, seeing the blue tint on the car, adding more would make it look unusual I had a really good mixture of colours a few months ago but I lost the formula after changing the configurations of the shader too much. The image below is the render of that lost formula, it's very vibrant and the scene looks very visible but it had a negative impact on the scene as it revealed the poor quality of textures I had (textures not prepared for PBR) so I had to reduce the quality a bit to hide the imperfections and we got what I have today on the current BR version.
  12. Save Game Menu

    Hello, I'll get straight to the point, looking to create UI that incorporates Save/Load functionality. I did see Piller's download for save load and saying it should be attached to Pivot, however wish to further extend that whole thing by creating custom UI with Save Load and options... Any advice on how to accomplish this? Thank you,
  13. Border Recon

    I can see two of your models, the tall concrete barriers, and the square barriers, have messed up normals. They would look better if you generated new normals for those in the model editor. I think your scene composition would benefit from some of the tips here: Since this is a bright daytime scene I think you will get a better look if you add the iris adjustment effect and use very dark desaturated blue ambient light, along with brighter sunlight that is tinted a little bit. You can use the intensity setting to crank the light color up above 255,255,255.
  14. [Linux] Flushing Keys and Mouse Presses.

    Fixed in next build.
  15. [Linux] Flushing Keys and Mouse Presses.

  16. I assumed this was because the precompiled lib was built with a different version of GCC but this is happening when I compile the lib on the current version of GCC in Ubuntu 16.04.
  17. Linux Build Problem

    I think this has to do with the order the libs are listed in. If I put Leadwerks.a in front of dl then I get an undefined reference to dlclose. If I list it after then all the Leadwerks functions are undefined.
  18. [SOLVED] Editor viewport unable to move camera

    As it turned out i do have a high res mouse. Updated mouse software, restarted and the issue is resolved. Thank you guys for help. my OS is win10 btw. Edit: back to 4.4 and all is oke
  19. Character Controller Bugs/Problems In Beta

    Curious if the physics changes will fix some of this...
  20. Physics problem

    The fix is reportedly available in Newton now but I have not tried it yet.
  21. [SOLVED] Editor viewport unable to move camera

    Do you have a high-precision (gaming) mouse? What OS are you on?
  22. [SOLVED] Editor viewport unable to move camera

    Hmm i did that just now and the problem persists.. actually starting to worry a bit now. So this is what's happening in detail: When pressing and holding right mouse button in the perspective viewport, the cursor gets hidden as it should. Moving the mouse does not rotate the camera, better yet the mouse actually appears when moving outside the viewport rectangle.
  23. 4.5 Beta Update 3

    I have a problem compiling on Linux with a bunch of "undefined resource" errors, as it can't read the functions from the Leadwerks precompiled lib:
  24. [SOLVED] Editor viewport unable to move camera

    You know it takes about five seconds to switch in between versions? You don't have to update your project, just try the editor and see if it works any differently.
  25. First Footage & Important News

    It looks very well thought out! How many hours do you put on writing the blog and making the video? Well done.
  26. [SOLVED] Editor viewport unable to move camera

    I'm baffled as to where the problem may lay, like you said nothing has changed either in LE or on my PC. I'm also reluctant to opt into beta and rather wait for stable release, as in my opinion developing a game with a version that is prone to (big)changes could end into more work for me. Using cpp so luckily the editor is only used during map development. So for now i think i choose to wait and continue work on the map once 4.5 is no longer beta.
  27. Linux Build Problem

    I've updated the CodeBlocks project template and a new project will compile with no issues, but there is a problem linking to the Leadwerks precompiled library. No linking error is shown, but every Leadwerks command the code calls gives an "undefined reference to function..." error. Any idea why this is happening? I just installed the latest version of CodeBlocks on Ubuntu 16.04.
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