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  2. hold alt, then type 0 2 5 2 on the numpad. 0228, 0226... Maybe a bitmap font would workaround? Naturlich, you should be able to type Deutsch for the end-user. I'm not familiar with the engine compiled stuff and obviously a bitmap font won't work on an editable field. But it lets you get static displays.
  3. Today
  4. It would be better to access the tree by array or pointer .
  5. Documentation is online only.
  6. Hello, It is rather hard to remove an item from a TreeView if its not on the lowest subnode. auto it = std::find(itemFolder->begin(), itemFolder->end(), itemClass); if (it != itemFolder->end()) itemFolder->erase(it); subnode->ClearNodes(); // rebuild nodes for each (itemClass k in *itemFolder) { subnode->AddNode(k.info); } This for example works okay if you rebuild the tree in the following but you won't be able to remove if it is in a top treenode.
  7. Ah ok, for VR then. I got a few VR devices, which is partly why I'm getting familiar with engine
  8. UAK is made with a mouse and keyboard in-mind. It's really made to be used for applications that use a mouse and keyboard.
  9. That is what I wanted to say
  10. To replicate what I mentioned before, make a textfield and run the application, then type in the charac ter "äüö". The application will crash. When you set text from code the wide string literal indicator works but you cant specify this when in the gui.
  11. Hey Josh! I don't mean to burst your bubble so I'll try to word this as neutrally as I can. As an iOS developer, I worked on games for Big Fish in 2010. We created custom views such that, we literally had to write no new code until we got to a puzzle. In other words, we made 30+ scenes per game doing nothing more than drag and drop, using pure native tools (on top of bugs). Android is a bit less functional, but can do custom views its own way, also reducing code. This includes complex things with see-thru and interaction. We also used similar at other jobs. When you get into Swift UI
  12. Mobile is a myth. 98.8% of our website traffic is coming from Windows operating system.

    1. Slastraf


      HAHA that may be true for forums but does not apply for when you send people your site. First tthing they will do is open that link on their phone because you probably did not send and email and even then. 

    2. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      No, that is traffic on the entire website.

  13. I don't want to start an new subject on a forum just for this, but can we update a maketplace item ?

    1. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther

      I assume that is the same process as for the Steam Workshop. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=Tutorials_Editor_Workshop

    2. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      There is an "File Actions" button on the item page and then one of the options is "Upload a new version".

    3. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh


      I don't want to start an new subject on a forum just for this

      I see people write something like this all the time and it is so strange. The purpose of the forum is to discuss. It is not a museum.

  14. Yesterday
  15. The Leadwerks documentation can be downloaded for offline viewing, I will be without internet for quite a while.
  16. Community upgrade is complete.

  17. Last week
  18. The application seems to crash when special chars are entered in a textfield - CreateTextField() . Please reply
  19. Hello, i write code by lua but i need to use C++ because it need for my project. I searched the Internet for information about this and found only vague references or something that did not suit me for leadwerks. I learned how to call lua functions via C ++ via the Interpreter, but that's not what I need. If someone can provide a simple project (with text output to the console, for example) or a clear explanation with examples, I will be very grateful!
  20. Is there a specific library we have to download for this?
  21. -- Torax. self.torax:SetPosition(self.boneTorax:GetPosition(true),false) self.torax:SetRotation(self.boneTorax:GetRotation(true),false) self.boneTorax:SetParent(self.torax,true) self.torax:SetMass(1.0) -- Externon. self.externon:SetPosition(self.boneExternon:GetPosition(true),false) self.externon:SetRotation(self.boneExternon:GetRotation(true),false) self.boneExternon:SetParent(self.externon,true) self.externon:SetMass(1.0) -- Pelvis. self.pelvis:SetPosition(self.bonePelvis:GetPosition(true),false) self.pelvis:SetRotation(self.bonePelvis:GetRotation(true),false) sel
  22. Печаль, но радует что есть в планах *Translate* Sadness, but happy with what is in the plans
  23. Do this to use a wide string literal: L"Knöpfe" https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/learnwin32/working-with-strings
  24. I dont know if this is relevant to the packet or if I need to add something but It would be cool if this was added by default
  25. Hello, I am a german guy and use things like ä, ö, ü and these don't work. Example tabber->AddItem("Knöpfe", true); ISO 8859
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