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  3. The version 5 beta is not yet available. Release is expected to be near the end of 2020.
  4. nevermind i already had an account here on my old email i managed to recover it
  5. THanks. When is this coming and is your PBR going to include subsurface scattering? Also I tried downloading leadwerks beta but when I open it up it still says leadwerks 4.7 and not leadwerks 5
  6. Josh

    Shader Families

    A geometry shader can be added in the definition.
  7. Super easy to use. You just slap it on a material and slap that material on an object. You gotta have a heightmap. I make mine on Materialize, which is free. Makes simple, wimpy flat planes look more complex than they are. Haven't tested it for any FPS drop or with decals or anything. Should be fun to mess with, though. Parallax.zip
  8. @reepblue I don't want to impose, but if you do find the time, that would be amazing!
  9. Yesterday
  10. Something went wrong. Please try again. that what it says. I made this new account. Tried integrating with steam it still dont work.
  11. When is PBR workflow coming? When is subsurface scattering shader coming? Where can I see Leadwerks 5 changelog/feature list?
  12. How do these handle geometry shaders?
  13. I've done some locomotion experiments in C++. Just set the VR tracking space to Seated and move the character controller with the analog sticks. Time is really tight during the week, but I can try to write you something in Lua quick on the weekend if you'd like.
  14. Last week
  15. Thanks, I've already been looking at it. It's a bit complex looking currently, definitely need to develop more experience in lua. I was just wondering if anyone else had addressed the issue.
  16. Take a look at VRPlayer.lua under Scripts/Objects/Player.
  17. Hi everyone. New to Leadwerks, what a fantastic tool! Question: has anyone developed a vr movement script that does not use teleporting? I have zero lua experience, trying to learn as I go. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Doogie
  18. Hey Josh I know you're busy and I keep bugging you with this but could you explain real quick how I get the seams so I can disable displacement on them. I've been looking everywhere and can't seem to find the answer. This is my displacement code: //Vertex displacement //----------------------------------------------------------------- vec4 height = texture(texture3,ex_texcoords0); float offset = (height.r + height.g + height.b)*0.025; vec4 newPos = vec4(modelvertexposition.xyz + vNormal* offset,1.0); if (height.r > 0.5) { gl_Position = projectioncameramatrix * newPos; } //-------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. This one, https://www.leadwerks.com/community/profile/15452-sandi-gompex/ the other account that I don't remember when I made it. Thank you for your reply. 🙏
  20. Small update: Haven't found too much time. My job and family issues have had to take priority. I have made a small amount of progress and I'll continue to pick away. Hopefully have something to show by the end of this week.
  21. Josh

    Back from I/ITSEC

    I'm back from I/ITSEC. This conference is basically like the military's version of GDC. VR applications built with Leadwerks took up about half of Northrop Grumman's booth. There were many interesting discussions about new technology and I received a very warm reception. I feel very positive about our new technology going forward. I am currently reworking the text field widget script to work with our persistent 2D objects. This is long and boring but needs to be done. Not much else to say right now.
  22. Which account do you want to delete?
  23. Earlier
  24. The small examples in the api seem to be all there is in c++.Version 3 of le had some examples by aggror jorn which were usefull but may need adjusting for le 4.6. if they are still around.
  25. It is working on BIonicpup64 with this.Big thanks
  26. Unfortunately, there are two problems with the documentation: 1. It is incomplete. The last several updates, especially, are rather lacking (i.e.: there are zero GUI examples for C++). And many functions that are in the documentation don't have examples. Some are straightforward and honestly don't need it, others aren't. 2. Some functions are intentionally undocumented because they're unofficial. I think this is the case for the above function(s). However, as far as I can tell, there is no way to know if a function is undocumented because Josh forgot to/chose not to document it or that it's really unofficial.
  27. I have seen the tutorial on the official website. Where can I find more about leadworks c++
  28. Thank you very much, but why didn't these functions appear in the official doc? And that doc brought me some confusion.
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