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  2. Grab the camera with a for loop, then use it's fog functions to change it dynamically.
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  4. Yes, but if I want to have a dynamic weather system I will do that in C++ to have the control, I am not a Lua programmer. In the moment I want only a fix weather it is good to have it with the map. But thank you anyway for your info.
  5. Fog information is stored with the world/map. When a camera is created, the camera pulls the information about the fog and enables a post effect using that data. Make sure post processing is enabled and no settings are set to low.
  6. The eye lashes needs to be its own material with the correct blend mode.
  7. I worked the half day on that problem and I think I give the information to everyone who also has this problem with fog. In the Editor fog looks a little bit like fog. Without implementig fog in C++ source, no fog is visible in C++. Loading a map after craeting a camera only a touch of a color is visible in the very far, and fog is not working as it should. I mean with map not a terrain, I loaded a map with only a plattform and some prefabs. I have not tested with terrain. So load a map before creating a camera. Nothing works correct if you not do that.
  8. Found another area where I can get more speed increases in Leadwerks 5. Very interesting info is coming!

  9. changed self:CallOutputs to self.component it works ? cheers
  10. need some help with this colission trigger error , im sure i have had this problem before its been a long time since i have used leadwerks
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  13. Can't wait for the public Kickstarter so I can start posting videos on YouTube like I used to do with the Source Engine. 

  14. Yeah, it looks like he comes up and down way too fast. But I'm not sure, I have never walked on Mars.
  15. I'm trying to assimilate this, on Mars it would take an average of two seconds to jump, and it would jump in the best style of a basketball player. I'm going to try lowering the default gravity from 25 to about 10 and put new ranks on the jump strength to see what it looks like.
  16. I have successfully imported an animation. I just needed to set vertex group influence in the Modifier. Thank you for your help.
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