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  2. Bow/Crossbow Rig & Animations

    Hi Leadwerkers , this time just a short entry showing some of the stuff I recently made. I think it looks pretty cool and wanted to share it with you. Some cool bow & crossbow rigs: Some examples of the new combat animations (WIP): Soon to be seen ingame and in action. Stay tuned and have a nice day . Markus from Phodex.
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  4. Dread Loop

    It was your YouTube comment that pretty much nudged me into joining the forum and showcasing this small project. Thanks Angelwolf. And Thanks Josh, big thank you for pointing out the backup system. I've updated the project with a weapon model, game play tweaks and more sound effects and music. I might be able to get one more small update in by next weekend to complete the project.
  5. Making progress on the 4.5 vehicles.

  6. We presently support VS 2015. The free community edition will work fine.
  7. Hi, just bought Leadwerks Pro on Steam. How to setup Visual Studio 2017 to work with Leadwerks? I cannot find it in documentation.
  8. Dread Loop

    This is brilliant.
  9. error loading leadwerks

    Thanks! Also noticed that the scripts loaded default scripts and kept my edits as backup scripts. I'm back on track.
  10. C++ Random Errors

    A memory leak won't cause access violations! A memory leak is when you allocate space on the heap, by using malloc or new and then simply abandon it without ever releasing it with free or delete. Smart pointers should do that sort of management for you and even if you were to do that wrong, it would simply cause the memory used by your program to rise steadily. An access violation occurs, when you are trying to access memory in a way you're not supposed to. This means, it is either not in an allocated state (never allocated or allocated and then freed) or it has protections active. In most cases, this happens, when you freed some object but did not set all pointers to null. This sort of problem can cause very weird types of errors. In the worst case, the memory you freed is reallocated for a different purpose and the next time you write to it, you modify some completely different structure
  11. 9mm Pistol Model

    yes , i agree too. Very nice models
  12. ..hello werkers..

    You can also optionally use the programs in the Tools folder but I haven't done this much and don't know if they have any limitations.
  13. ..hello werkers..

    Export model to fbx to project folder and leadwerks will automagically convert to MDL format. Create material from diffuse, normal, specular, etc textures and shaders to apply to MDL model.
  14. ..hello werkers..

    ..i see..and how is it working art pipeline now?? Or precisely, im using 3dsmax for content creation (static geometry/animations), so, how am i going to export media to be ready for LE now?? What would be a pipeline?
  15. 9mm Pistol Model

    Very nice models!
  16. Nightmare Prism

    Thank you! Map03 doesn't exist yet so it'll crash out when you finish Map02. I'm working on Map03 though (next upload also has a couple of bug fixes, such as health packs and ammo packs giving the correct quantities, they're rather generous right now due to some bad code). After that, hopefully more maps. I should really include some kind of melee weapon or very weak gun with unlimited ammo at some point.
  17. Dread Loop

    Looking good, I commented on a couple of your WIP vids you put on YouTube a few weeks ago - glad to see you're posting here too. Don't worry too much, my game also does not launch from the Leadwerks Game Launcher so I've had to upload Nightmare Prism as standalone too.
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  19. C++ Random Errors

    Lately I've been getting heaps of seemingly random errors. I traced a few of these problems to memory leaks which is why I started using smart pointers. But still I get random "Access Violations". Sometimes it will be inside a Leadwerks function and other times it will be in mine. I can stop the program and run again without cleaning the solution and it will crash somewhere else or it wont crash at all. Seems to be random and the only thing I think it could be is memory leaks. I'm not sure what else could cause random errors like this. Has anyone had similar problems or know of possible other causes / solutions?
  20. Been setting up my project to use smart pointers.  Really looking forward to Leadwerks 5!

  21. ..hello werkers..

    There is no Steam independent version. To use the editor you'll need to be logged into Steam (but I heard you don't need to be online). But once you have a project created you can code all you want without Steam at all.
  22. What are you working on :

    Thanks. So far so good. No unexpected snags or other weirdness. Feels really good to be at this point.
  23. error loading leadwerks

    It appears the file is corrupted and the data inside makes no sense. There is a folder called Documents/Leadwerks?Backup where an old copy of your map can be found.
  24. What are you working on :

    The Character Controller you have looks pretty stable.
  25. ..hello werkers..

    ..hehe..hello guys..i hope all is well with lurking around and exploring whats going on here...2 years ago is last time i was here, i think.. ..anyway, im looking all threads and checking how everything is, as i may have some nice large project, where im thinking to use LE, hence, here i the way, is it possible to use current version of LE, without steam at, just install somewhere on your drive, fire up C++ and roll ?? No steam, no steam account or things like there such version??
  26. What are you working on :

    Redoing my platformer from scratch using my own "character controller." Ladders and moving platform are finished. Placeholder graphics. I did tile-based collision in my last project but this one uses rectangle collision so the ground can be any dimensions. Makes the process from Max to Leadwerks pretty smooth.
  27. error loading leadwerks

    I know this is a old topic but this just happened to me today. I was working on adding AI nav points for the AIMonsters. I opened the FPS project to reference how it was made, then went back to my project, this made a in my game folder (don't know if that has any relevance to the bug but I just added that anyway). I reopened my project, and loaded up my main map and changed the code for my roundmanager, that spawns clones of a crawler, to set their individual to the nearest target pivot. Test running this crashed the game. I tried moving the point around a bit and it didn't help none, the game crashed again when the enemy would spawn. I saved my work and close leadwerks, now every time I open my map I get this invalid id, and object id spam and leadwerks crashes. I've changed the load line in leadwerks.cfg to load back into the launcher, and I can start a new project but I can't access my map in my current project or I get this spam and the leadwerks app crashes. I've attached my log to this post. Leadwerks.log
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    1. CangoJoe


      Seems there's a $7.99 shipping fee per the reviews that should be considered.

    2. reepblue


      I have one, and I don't use it as much. Doesn't help that the TV and PC are in the same room.

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