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  2. Yeah man "how it looks" is huge. It looks cool but I'm not sure what this is. It's like a tool for making programs that work with Ultra Engine? Can noobs make stuff with it?
  3. Yesterday
  4. I would wait for Sunday. Thank you.
  5. If your ok with us Sharing the video now I can start posting links on some discord channels. Idk if you wanted to wait for the campaign or not.
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  7. The speed vs. Electron seems to be the thing that is really sticking with people, so I am going to focus on that. I think the message to put out there is "It looks good like Electron but isn't slow".
  8. Looking good. I'll tell all my friends.
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ultraengine/ultra-app-kit
  10. That is a good summary of the reasons I went with this approach. If all is well, this will launch on Sunday. If you guys can spread the word aggressively on game development forums, reddit, hacker news, Linux forums, and everywhere else it will make all the difference in the world.
  11. Our new editor is being designed to support user-created extensions written in Lua. I want Lua to work in our new editor the way MaxScript works in 3ds Max, to allow an endless assortment of new tools you can create and use. Now that the editor GUI system is well underway, I want to start thinking about how user-created extensions will work with our new editor. I'm going to lay out some theoretical code for how a road creation tool might integrate into the editor. First we declare a start function that is run when the extension is loaded. This will add a toolbar and menu item so the
  12. Nice presentation Josh! You are giving a nice solution for who wants a fast and reliable UI system for a desktop application. Mostly of time when we are building a desktop application we always gets a feelings as "my desktop application feels old" in compare with a electron application using a CSS3 and HTML5 benefits. But you get the point! Web applications can be beultyful and with Electron easy to use in multplatform, but... is not responsive as a real desktop application, not even in feel. A good, modern, multiplatform and extensible UI API for desktop could be a nice solution for alot soft
  13. Last week
  14. Early stage but promising: 


  15. The new engine has a lot of features besides just the 3D capabilities. "Ultra App Kit" is planned to be the foundation of all my new game development tools, and it's getting released early as a development framework for building desktop applications. This is how the new editor will be written, and user-created extensions will use the same system to add new interface elements. This is all stuff I have to finish anyways, so releasing this ahead of the engine does not slow us down. The plan is to launch a crowdfunding campaign with a fairly low minimum goal and then release this by Christmas
  16. Many thanks!! Finally works for me in my code: --Declaramos y Guardamos la distancia entre los 2 objetos que nos interesan. local Distancia= self.Objeto1:GetPosition():DistanceToPoint(self.Objeto2:GetPosition()) --Declaramos y redondeamos la distancia anterior para quitar los decimales. local DistanciaRedonda=Math:Round(Distancia) "Math:" was the command I needed to get "Round()" working on "Distancia" variable. Many thanks!!
  17. I'm thinking about reviving my project for Leadwerks. It's probably gonna be another year before the new engine is done, plus I have to relearn a lot of things. Maybe make it as long as Portal: The First Slice and not go back over board with visual effects.
  18. Maybe so? Pseudocode: local distance=self.Object1:GetPosition():DistanceToPoint(self.Object2:GetPosition()) local distancei=math.floor(pos)--or Math:Round(pos) context:DrawText("Distance: "..tostring(distancei),2,26) String format: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57950030/wow-rounding-to-two-decimal-places-in-lua
  19. Hello team!! I'm trying to ROUND a large decimal value obtained from DistanteToPoint: self.Object1:GetPosition():DistanceToPoint(self.Object2:GetPosition()) This is my line to obtain the distance that i show on screen with DrawText. But i don't know how encode or use Round() function to Round the value obtained from DistanceToPoint. I imagine it will be a simple line, but boy I am unable to code it. Many thanks!!
  20. In late 2014, I made the bold decision to focus less with Source Engine mods and pick up an actual engine I could use without legal conflicts or worrying about knowing the right people. At the time, it was like all other options were telling me to forget everything I've picked up through the years of making popular maps and mods and learn something that's completely unique to their software. CSG tools were declared too uncool, and any engine that was nice enough to support it enforced that any and all CSG objects should be removed. And there I found Leadwerks. The editor looked and acted
  21. No, you are not forced to use Lua. Using pure C++ is just fine.
  22. Am i forced to use LUA ? i dont like lua, but c++. Thx tr4x
  23. Atleast why not release the source code now that it has become abandonware? I mostly need it as a modding tool for a game called SCP - Containment Breach (made in Blitz3D) and we found 3DWS the easiest tool to use for room creation. There currently are no good alternatives to it that can export to .b3d and only pre-windows 8 users can use it.
  24. Ready to record new Kickstarter video...

  25. Just sign into your Steam account on your other computer and it will work fine. You can install the program on both computer, but Steam will not let you use it on more than one computer at once. The VR example includes teleportation locomotion that works with any headset.
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