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  2. Tutorial are really hard to do right ... been reading about this Next in line i will research how the tutorials are done for the classical rts. I remember homeworld and how the tutorial was the linked with the launch of the mothership and several system/weapons tests, that was nice. Really have a big problem to explain my game , is a rts but have lot of mechanics that are not obvious. If i try to explain everything it will take hours. 4 years into development i dont have the patience anymore, if i continue to try do things perfect it will not get released. So i took shortcuts and hope will be enough. At the moment im working on this plan: PDF manual hints in the user interface at beginning of game (for example blinking text that says Build a scanner, Build a jumpdrive) howtos articles in the game menu with lots of text (ex Howto mine, Howto navigation etc) extensive help section accessible all time If i could talk to my past me , i would have tell to bloody pick a game type that doesnt need a tutorial.. Wanted to start a discussion about this subject , anyone else with problems like this ?
  3. Can the Leadwerks engine 5.0 to compete with Source 2?
  4. Hello and thx for answer. I made more tests. And it is clear that it happens after a long time of loading vegetation models on the map but not edited with the vegetation tool whereas generated with script. Disabling the script-loaded vegetation make the map load quicker and emitters are back normal. Edit I'm afraid you mean this: https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_Emitter_SetReleaseQuantity Well if so then, no, it lost control.
  5. Beta update available now.

  6. gamecreator

    Current Work

    I PM-ed you the link and we can discuss it there if you have any questions to not keep this blog post derailed.
  7. When does this happen?
  8. There is a setting that will do that.
  9. JoshMK

    Current Work

    Trying to have more plugins is a lost cause. I’m playing a different game.
  10. Marcousik

    Current Work

    @JoshMK well that is a little vague to me but sounds interessant maybe you find time to share that with us here sometime with more detailled ^^ @gamecreator thx can you find a link to this? I use actually the spline tool with beautiful roads creation possibilities - it is really nice - BUT it works with pivots and as the roads are built with the start() function you can't really see before in the editor where the road is going through. So level design becomes much more difficult. How do you want to place a building (or trees) along a street if you not even exactly know where the streets goes??? So I dream of a possibility to see the splines before or to have a paint tool that would adjust the terrain to road (advanced flatten function?) That made Jorn and would be enough for me ! (sorry it is not really the theme to topic here...)
  11. JoshMK

    Current Work

    @Marcousik What I mean is the engine and editor. There are different types of products you can turn that into. I have another idea but I will not say yet.
  12. Last week
  13. gamecreator

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    What would a road tracer do? I built a tool once and released the source for software that bent a road to terrain.
  14. Look please at that video out of a map 4096*4096 Emitters are strangely summoning all particles at one time... Particles are going her way as defined in the editor...then all particles disappear together. are particles not supposed to be summoned randomly ? Did anybody had to to with this? thx TEMP 2020-05-24 22-13-15.mp4
  15. Marcousik

    Current Work

    I remember Josh gave much much work in finishing version 4.6 and I'm still have the positiv feeling that if you want/can put the work on it, it is really possible to get a satisfying building game experience. I'm missing some tools too - like hey I would give a three day party for a road tracer included in the editor - but well there are work arounds possibilities. For example for cars you can build your own with some joints functions that offer great possibility. Is there any documentation online on this technology you are speaking about? Or is this a kind of secret commercial move?
  16. Our rating on Steam has jumped +2% since I stopped listing Linux support on the store page.

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    2. Geldo Ronie

      Geldo Ronie

      oh I see... that makes sense... and with your strategy about less Thirdparty libraries the linux suport could be better in LW5.. \o

    3. aiaf


      Mostly im happy with the quality of linux support, in my workflow i dont use the editor much.

      Ubuntu is pretty good as development machine , if you want something that works out of the box you dont have much alternative.Other distributions are usable but really i want to make some games not to tweak os things.


      As long there is a linux build im good , without steam the better , i didnt like the steam libs in anyway and i feel i help better in the forums that writing steam review.

      Probably newer generation is used to steam.


      Looking forward to the LW5.



    4. JoshMK


      Next engine will not be a Steam exclusive. Our forum system actually has a system that can allow the editor to log into your account and check purchases, which could be used for registering or logging into the program. I have not used it yet, but I am thinking that will work for the standalone version.

  17. JoshMK

    Current Work

    I'm setting things up so that the consumer game engine company has a license to use the technology and is separate from the IP holding entity and the B2B VR business. I also have one more idea for a third application of this technology, in the game space. Valve would be an ideal buyer. If not them, maybe Oculus.
  18. Thirsty Panther

    Current Work

    Interesting times ahead. But whatever you do please don't sellout to Adobe 😅
  19. JoshMK

    Current Work

    Oh yeah, there is something else I have to do this weekend. I have to finish a description of the technology I am filing a patent for. I'm working with a law firm with some folks from Oculus, with the idea that they will have a better understanding of this type of tech. Once the provisional patent application goes in, the clock starts ticking and I have one year to file the full utility patent. The patent makes the company valuable, and increases the chances that Valve will buy the company and hire me to make their future dev tools.
  20. gamecreator

    Current Work

    No prob, I understand. Relax, enjoy the long, holiday weekend. Treat yourself to something maybe even better than tea and decompress.
  21. Really itching to get these into any sort of game engine at the moment, still have a lot more work to do though. I'm getting closer and closer. Thanks!
  22. JoshMK

    Current Work

    Honestly, right now I am approaching my breaking point. Explaining the last three years of work in a rigorous academic format was hard. The whole process from conception of the idea, to experimenting with it, finding out it actually works, implementing the full solution, and then creating the final benchmarks, which turned out VERY VERY good...it has been a huge journey and I think I am presently the only person in the world who is aware of just how big this is. I applied for some grant money from the U.S. government, and that could make a big difference, so fingers crossed. My plans for the rest of the day are to maybe drink some tea. That's all I can answer right now.
  23. You got them sharper dude I can tell. They look real.
  24. Starting to get closer to what I am looking for. Rebaking all the curvature maps with better settings really helped with edge wears and other effects.
  25. gamecreator

    Current Work

    So, I hate to be that guy but... I don't suppose this is a good time to get back to that final update on Leadwerks 4? It's been over a year since the last update and you promised some fixes from even further back, including vehicles and the buggy character controllers.
  26. Your general sentiment is correct, but the fact is, the idea of "commands" is kind of antiquated. It's more like "hi, I am the rendering thread, here is a block of bytes you will interpret a few times before the next block of bytes arrives, k thx bye".
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