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  1. Free

    Eventor - The Powerful Event System

    Having trouble communicating between scripts? Tired of creating references to make scripts globally work together? Then Eventor, which is part of the Phodex Framework, is what you have searched for. Add it to your project for FREE and unleash the power of Lua, with this poweful code design pattern!
    How It Works:
    With Eventor, different sources can subscribe to an event. Whenever the event gets called, all subscribers get notified and a function, you can define, gets called. This is very helpful in many cases. You could for example create an event which gets called every time an enemy starts combat, to notify surrounding allies to help him. You can send his position as an argument, so only allies within range will get active.
    Key Features:

    About The Phodex Framework:
    The Phodex Framework is a set of helpful tools and systems created to make working with Leadwerks more powerful and easier to handle. The Phodex Framework was also used to develop "Bladequest: The First Chapter", which I recently released on Steam. I thought now that my systems have proven to work, it is time to share them with you. I will release more parts of the Phodex Framework in the future so stay tuned! 
    Follow my blog so stay up to date!
    For questions directly write me here or at contact.phodex@gmail.com!


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