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  1. $6.99

    Anima - The Clever Animation System

    Do you feel the animation capabilities of Leadwerks are not powerful enough for your needs? You finally want to be able to call functions at any frame of your animation to create the gameplay logic you have in mind? Then Anima - The Clever Animation System is for you! It not only supplies you with the mentioned function calling, it also provides you with many use- and powerful commands Leadwerks is missing!
    How It Works:
    Everything is explained in detail in the documentation you can find below (also included when purchasing Anima) 
    Anima - Installation & Usage.pdf
    Key Features:

    About The Phodex Framework:
    The Phodex Framework is a set of helpful tools and systems created to make working with Leadwerks more powerful and easier to handle. The Phodex Framework was also used to develop "Bladequest: The First Chapter", which I recently released on Steam. I thought now that my systems have proven to work, it is time to share them with you. I will release more parts of the Phodex Framework in the future so stay tuned!
    Follow my blog so stay up to date!
    Questions or problems? Directly write me here or at contact.phodex@gmail.com!

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  2. $9.99


    Luawerks is a Lua framework for video games developed on the Leadwerks Game Engine. It supplies developers with additonal functions, handles the game loop and allows them to debug their code with a developers console. With all that out of the way, you can focus on making your game fun!

    The Window, Timing, World, are taken care of within the framework. Correct resolution settings when the game is launched in fullscreen. Debug, load maps and even add your own commands with the built-in developer console. Built in methods to prevent loading invalid assets. Easily precache sounds, models, textures, and prefabs to increase load times! Graphic setting controls are implemented and can be changed on the fly by the console! Luawerks knows when you're launching from an editor and will go into a 'developer mode' which enables the developer console and force the game to go into a windowed mode. You can change some of these settings and manually call the mode with a batch/bash file. It's written in Lua. Change it to fit your needs without recompiling!
    Learn how to intergrate Luawerks with your game, along with other tricks:

    Report any issues/bugs with the Issue Tracker: 

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  3. $4.99

    Spline Tools

    With the Spline Tools package you can create awesome splines inside your Leadwerks game. No coding required, but if you want you can do everything by Code. All documentation can be found here: https://bitbucket.org/Aggror/splinetools/wiki/
    Tutorials Getting started Example maps Setting up a spline Roads Editor scripts Paths
    Camera paths VR/Objects on rails: airplanes, trains, factory belts, rollercoasters etc Moving platforms with physics Several helper scripts: Free look, Look at, Spawner Either use drag and drop Editor scripts or create everything by code. Special spline follower scripts that follow the spline.  Example maps included Roads
    Set road width per node Road texture (road are automatically textured) Various tweakable settings Terrain alignment options Side geometery generation like banks (more types will be added later depending on demand) Either use drag and drop Editor scripts or create everything by code. Example maps included Wires
    Wires Create wires from scratch Set radius and side count Set a texture Physics type: none, static, joints (experimental) Example maps included

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