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Arena Slasher


Arena Slasher is the game I was making during the game jam a few weeks ago.


The goal of this game is to collect 300 points by slaying enemies and holding the base in the center of the arena.

The game itself is seen from a top-down view, where you control your character with the right mouse button.


Use Q to use your Heal spell, W to get a speed boost over time and E to become stronger for a short time.


There are several AI enemies where you can fight against. Every bot has a different skillset.

One is an archer, one is a tank and one is a mage. When you click the enemy (to attack it) you can see his spells, health and mana so you get some extra feedback.


I've also included 2 versions of the game: No HDR etc and a full beauty mode (just the normal .exe - you'll notice the different .exe's).

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