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Between The Realities [Tech Demo]

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Developed By: Antology Games Studio

Version: Public Tech Demo

Platform: Windows, Linux (in future)


This version is only a quarter of the full future game and at this stage of development does not demonstrate the final quality of the product. It was created special for people interested in BETTR after the announcement, so now they finally can see what we have been working on for so long time. This demo version contains a basic game mechanics and several locations united by plot scenes.

Report possible problems by email: antologygames@gmail.com

Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/ZT9EU65
And VK group: https://vk.com/antologystudio
Thank you!


Another world. Different reality. Different definition of good and evil.
Target City is a city in the middle of the Void that has remained from the planet Earth. It's a city controlled by a mysterious cult. Members of the Cult worship the Angels who betrayed the Creator's ideals. Angels are doing experiments on people, trying to teach them to live without their soul, given by a Heaven's energy. But that was before. Because tonight everything will change.

The man named Jonathan, who lost memory of his previous life, was chosen by the Creator. He got the soul back and wants to give a freedom for all living citizens... And only one angel, who stayed on the right side, will help him to fight off the dark invaders. They'll win back this city. Together. And even death can’t stop them, because they are balancing between realities...


- Five interesting weapons, including akimbo mode.
- Five game levels.
- Two types of enemies to kill.
- A lot of plot cut scenes.
- A lot of interactive elements.

More Info

Some more information you can take from ReadmeENG.txt file from game archive.

Want to work with us?

We are looking for new people to our small team. If you like what we do and you want to join with your skills - let us know about it. Now we are missing a level designer, stop-motion animator, additional programmer, voice actors and advertiser.


  • Emil "Adams" Kamaev: Scenario, Game- and Level Design, Sound FX, Testing, Voice Acting
  • Vxe1815: Programming, debugging and testing
  • Dmitriy "GarryNobody": Art, Level Design, Voice Acting


  • To Josh K personally and all Leadwerks community for your work!
  • To all uploaders of Leadwerks Game Launcher's workshop for assets, which we used in our game
  • To creators of The Adventures of Relic Rick - it was first game made on Leadwerks that we played.
  • To Tarman312 for some resources maded for our game