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Bouncy Ball

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Bouncy Ball is a game where you have to collect the white dots with the colored balls. To do this you will have to activate and deactivate level objects like jump-pads so the balls can reach them. You can also click on the balls so they will be put to their original position (without resetting its velocity).


Once you've collected them all you will have to bring the balls all the way down to complete the level.


I had to make a game with the theme 'Rolling' for a school called NHTV which I'm willing to go to once I've passed my exams of my current school. I've included the source code in case anyone is interested how I've made certain things. The game had to be 2D, but because of little tricks like making the camera render the game orthographically I was able to make it look like it's 2D. I think they even noticed it was actually 3D... ph34r.png


Anyway, for the source code:

  • The Ball.cpp file does all the interaction. No need to be looking at Jumppad.cpp and stuff because those LevelObjects are only good for its initialization. Collisions are easily done by checking if the object is close enough, not on actual collision.
  • Every LevelObject gets inherited from the main class called LevelObject and is being managed by a class Level.
  • Every time a new scene is loaded (like from the menu to in-game), the world gets renewed and the camera will be renewed as well. Saw on the forums this was the only solution. You can find more about this in the MenuManager.cpp file.

I hope you'll enjoy the game! Let me know if something is wrong.

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