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A 1 level demo of a marble game I created a few months ago (got distracted and it was just sitting on my HD). My goal was to create a component oriented game 100% in Lua. This does just that. 99% of the game is created with reusable components linked together in the visual editor and require 0 programming when creating the level itself. I say 99% because the ball itself wasn't made from components as it's simply defaulting WASD and space movement inside the model script itself instead of being components. It's not that it couldn't be it's that I just got lazy on that part.


I'll release a video soon showing these components in action. I plan to continue this method of component development in LE3D as it should allow for better interaction between scripts than the current targeting system.


I'm also looking for a level designer/artist willing to help me complete 10 levels for this game so it can be a complete game. I feel like if we are able to get some cool features for it, the game might actually sell for a few bucks.


WASD for movement

SPACE for jump

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