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Crime Closer




  • Upgrade your cruiser from a trashy old sedan to a luxury sports car
  • Why stop at cars? You can upgrade other things as well such as your engine and wheels!

Open world!

  • Tired of linear storylines? Well now you can do anything you want in a map that's 4 square kilometers
  • Go offroad into the mountains or hang out in the city! Can you master the different terrains?


  • Receive calls from the your department to assist in different jobs
  • Completing jobs earns money, but completing them WELL earns boatloads!


  • Take advantage of the latest and greatest police equipment such as spike traps!

More features may be announced in time as well.


Here's the download link and the EULA (basically, don't try to steal the assets):

Catch the crooks before they get away!


I tried uploading the game here, but it's over 600 MB, so I just uploaded it to Dropbox.



Controls (there are a lot of controls):


  • N: Night vision


  • W: Accelerate
  • S: Decelerate
  • A/D: Steer
  • Space: Brake
  • Q: Spike traps
  • T: Reset vehicle (currently a little buggy, you may have to press T multiple times)
  • F: Exit vehicle

Third person human:

  • W/A/S/D: Movement
  • RMD: Third person aim mode
  • LMD: Pepper spray (doesn't really do anything right now)
  • LMD: Kick
  • Space: Jump
  • E: Arrest (must be out of the line of sight, so you need to be hidden, or suspect must have hands up)
  • Control_R: crouch
  • Shift: Sprint
  • F: Enter car (must be near car), otherwise, switches with dog
  • C: Camera mode
  • LMB: Take picture (doesn't give a response, but you'll know if it worked in the mission)

Third person dog:

  • W/A/S/D: Movement
  • LMD: Attack
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Space: Jump
  • F: Enter car (must be near car), otherwise, switches with human


  • The garage currently doesn't work properly, you can kind of switch cars, but don't rely on it, haven't had time to work on it
  • The text doesn't work well either, sorry about that
  • The vehicles are a mess right now, I'm going to do a huge upgrade
  • Some lag occurs every so often, I know why, but I need to change it
  • There are a few early game missions you can do right now. They aren't complete, but they lead into each other, so in that sense they are complete. Also, saving/loading works, but I haven't provided a GUI, so try not to mess with it.
  • There are some collectible shields


  • The game now picks the largest resolution to ensure compatibility. Before, the game would crash if you didn't have 1920x1080. Now, it operates at other resolutions (it's been built with scalability in mind, so it should display well on all resolutions).
  • The player can now die (respawns at car).
  • A camera has been introduced, and it is needed for one of the missions.


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