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_They_ want your planet. _They_ are coming through

the portal in waves to take it, but you will be waiting for

them. Build your cube base for protection before

_They_ arrive!


Made for the Summer Games Tournament.


Current resolution is already set at the highest

full screen resolution your card supports. You can

lower it in the menu or use up/down arrows in game.


Enemy spawn timer: seconds between spawns

Number of enemies: enemies per level

Cube impact speed:

  • lower number = more cubes damaged on impact
  • (spread damage). Higher uses more CPU

Cube delete timer:seconds until each damaged cube disappears.

  • For slower machines turn down

Countdown timer : seconds until round starts

Cube gravity : for impacted cubes. on - cubes react normally. off - cubes float


TIP: You can only build on to existing cubes


Known issues:

  • the flashlight seems to drop the FPS about 10.
  • Sometimes AI will float up a wall into the sky leaving you unable to finish the level.
  • portal and muzzle flash when seen in front of sky don't have alpha

Some assets from Arteria 3D. Other textures from

CGTextures and myself. Shadmar's day/night cycle.

Stock AI script.


Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q9f3lly64nh7ayq/cuber.rar?dl=0


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