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FaceVR is a decentralized social media platform design to change and connect people around the world.

Welcome to TRON network the decentralized entertainment protocol allowing developers to free themselves from centralized servers. FaceVR is developed around the TRON Protocol to enable the mass adoption of decentralized social media in combination of the Likes Network to produce cryptocurrencies from Likes and Dislikes totaling over 200 quintillion tokens in a fair availability to all your social media recognition not only becomes profitable but also truthful because the data can be tracked on the TRON Ledger.

Interested in becoming an early adopter? Well it becomes easier as the project progresses your likes and dislikes become a virtual token of currency and the earlier you adopt into the project the more likes and dislikes you can purchase and hodl.

Feel free to PM me for more details I will load you up with your contributtion. This is a billion dollar project and we are trying to knockdown the big dogs and free you from the centralized server grasp.

Gaming is the precursor to this project. FaceVR is not a game, it is a platform.

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