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Fallen Legion


Fallen Legion is an open-world RPG to get lost in a new world. Currently under heavy development.
The main focus in FL is going to be the combat system. Every weapon will have its unique skillset and way of fighting.
For example: An axe will be able to give you a lot of extra strength and will have an ability to slow the targets, while crossbows will be able to deal extra damage if placed at a certain position, stunning them as well if you've activated the spell.

In that way I want to keep combat interesting by giving a lot of combinations and possibilities. Balancing might be a problem of course at launch but that will improve over time of course. I'd also love to hear feedback about this concept, so ask/comment away.

What will be available in the end:

  • Quests (with a story line)
  • Arena fighting (similar to Indiedb.com)
  • A lot of weapons (each with their own skillset)
  • Lot of interaction
  • A lot of villages
  • Trading

The Arena might have an online PVP option in the future. It depends how smooth the development of the game goes.

The coming months I'll be working a LOT on this game, especially since I don't have any jobs or school now. Hope you'll enjoy.
If you want small updates as well, make sure to like the Facebook page:

Facebook Twitter Youtube Github Steam
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