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A somewhat simple prototype world generator. It creates flat ground in the area you want to be before you reach the end of the area you're currently in.

How to use it from scratch:

Create a camera

Create a pivot and attach scripts/player/FPS PLAYER.lua to it

Create another pivot and attach scripts/world/FlatWorldGenerator.lua as it's script.

Drag the camera from the scene tree into the text-box in the fps script

drag the player pivot from the scene tree to the player text-box in the world generator script


Run game.


What Can This Be Used For?:

Near infinite terrain generation. As this current version is, you create the maximum size of your world and the game generates ground until it reaches the boundaries of the world. With a bit of work a person can use a list of generated ground areas to allow for infinite world generation.


Things It Needs:

Zone Paging

- It needs to be able to keep track off all the areas that it creates. The ground areas need to be unloaded when far enough and be able to be saved to disk or loaded to disk. Especially if dealing with infinite terrain

Entity/Object Tracking

-This could be a separate system/script. Or built into the zone pager

-This would allow you to spawn buildings, npc, and props in new areas. It would also allow you to save and de-spawn them when no longer in the area and recreate them when needed.

-Should also be able to move all entities if a zone has to be moved for whatever reason.


I don't know if I will ever be able to implement any of the things it still needs, but some of the simple ground work is there.

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