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High Roller


This is a game i started a while back that i thought i would do for an Iphone game, but as with alot of my projects i either lose time or interest. I may come back to it at some point but for now thought i would share its current progress.

The only reason i a bit reluctant to do release it on here is because it exposes all media, so all i will say is:

Aal media within is not to be used else where on other projects, nearly all was done by myself and a few others from website where usage is allowed.

With that out the way, its a simple ball physics game where you have to get the ball in the basket, but also by getting as many of the 3 stars as possible.

It currently has 5 levels which all are possible, level design is simple thanks to leadwerk 3's editor, but coming up with the ideas for new levels is difficult, so if anyone does fancy coming aboard to make this a fully fledged game then by all means contact me.

As it was for mobile, it has mobile in mind (so the resolution is iphone) and "tap to continue" etc (simple GUI)

It is UNFINISHED, so there are parts that dont work, and things you will find that dont work.

The keys are left and right, thats all you need for game and menu. smile.png

Have fun, thanks


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