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Hunt for Food


Hunt For Food is a survival/primal combat game that questions your authority. Are you really the main character of this game or is it someone else? Go find out and remember not to starve to death.

Everything was put together in Leadwerks Game Engine Indie Edition by me. Many assets used were created by other people, check the Credits section below.

This is a Rough Draft version of Hunt For Food. Many things are subject to change. I plan to add many new features, bug fixes and performance optimizations.

Written Instructions -

  • Tab - Start/Stop Auto Move
  • W - Move Forward, Climb Up(climbing), Zoom In (binoculars)
  • S - Move Backwards, Climb Down(climbing), Zoom Out (binoculars)
  • A - Move Left (same for climbing)
  • D - Move Right (same for climbing)
  • E - Move Forward (climbing), Start Climbing, Start/Stop Fires, Eat, Activate Traps, Pick Up Weapon, Mount/Dismount Wolf (if wolf is loyal), Create Plank (if carrying fallen tree), Turn on/off Flare, Turn on/off Torch
  • Q - Move Backwards (climbing)
  • Hold Shift - Sprinting
  • Ctrl - Start/Stop Crouching
  • Spacebar - Jump, Stop Climbing
  • P - Pause Game
  • 9 - Minimize/Maximize Window
  • 0 - Increase/Decrease Window Size
  • Escape - Menu Screen
  • Delete - Exit Game (if you are on the menu screen)
  • Left Mouse Click - Attack, Throw
  • Hold Left Mouse - Power Attack/Throw Spear
  • Right Mouse Click - Grab/Drop
  • Hold Up,Left,Right Key - Rotate Carried Item
  • Down Key - Turn On/Off Negative Rotation
  • R - Reset Building Rotation
  • N - Start/Stop Sleeping
  • T - Equip/Un-Equip Torch
  • F - Activate/Deactivate Parachute
  • Z - Start/Stop Zoom (binoculars)
  • Backspace - Drop Weapon

Tips -

  • You can befriend wolves by feeding them. Feed wolves by throwing meat near them, cooked meat is more effective!
  • If your wolf is loyal you can mount/dismount it by clicking E while looking at it.
  • Eating unripe (green) berries can cure sickness but they will make you sick if you aren't sick.
  • Bees are invincible, run!
  • If an animal is on fire when you harvest it the meat that it drops is half cooked already.
  • Hit avocados or beehives with a thrown object to knock them down
  • You can walk near a weapon to pick it up
  • Attack carrots to knock them out of the ground
  • You can carry Fallen Trees and Boulders
  • While carrying a Fallen Tree click E to turn it into a Plank!
  • Power attacks do extra damage.
  • Build a house (using fallen trees, planks, and/or boulders) and gather food during the day to survive through the night!

All previous Update Videos can be found on my Youtube Channel -



Credits -

Josh - Leadwerks Engine Developer, fixed many bugs in my game, and very useful suggestions.

Leadwerks User Shadmar - Day and Night Cycle, Grass Shader, Fire Shader, and Fog Shader! This game looks good thanks to Shadmar!

Leadwerks User Rick - Saving and Loading as well as other help.

Nobiax - Many many textures and models were used from Nobiax and he is also to thank for how good the game looks. smile.png

Blendswap member DennisH2010 - Wolf model that is used throughout my game. It looks great!

Blendswap member Kuronus - Arms model - http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/72505

Leadwerks Community - Awesome Support and Help with many issues I had throughout development! Much Thanks!


Software Used -

Leadwerks Game Engine Indie Edition 3.2 beta

Blender 2.7

MakeHuman 1.0.2

Gimp 2.8

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