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LECP - Midnight Salsa



ModernGame type

We are going to make a tech demo at first. If we are able as a team to produce something good, then we can make a full game when the first stage has been reached.


Game Pace

The winner here is Different Paces. This means that a level can be designed in a special way


Slow paced, little ammo in level, choice of weapons is low, melee combat, stealthy, scarier, few medpacks and food. Level design is build in a way that a player has the choice of which road leads to his end point.

Fast paced, action, lots of weapons scattered around in the level, lots of ammo, no Relaxing.

This will result in 2 tech demo levels:


Slow pace level: Stealth routes, few weapons etc

Fast pace level: Build for the action, lots of enemies

Main game concept

Getting from A to B. Shooting enemies



Wasteland, desert, underground



C++, LUA


Character Design

The character design will be left out for the tech demo..




1 (tech demo) of each Kind. melee, handgun, shotgun, rifle, machine gun.

Crouching improves accuracy

Every weapon has a zoom

The player can only carry 1 of the following category:

melee, handgun, strong weapon, throwable

Tech demo features the following weapons:

Melee: The Crowbar

Hangun: 9 mm

Rifle: sniper

Machine gun: AK47

Special weapon: Rocket Launcher

Throwable: Grenade

The player picks up weapons automatically if the slot for that weapon type is open.

If the player has a weapon, a small hud text will appear: "Press KEY to pick up."

The player can drop a weapom with a key.

Weapons in level 1:



Weapons for the entire tech demo and level 2:




shotgun (2 shots, reload)


rocket launcher




The health of the player is restored when the player picks up health. This can be medkit, food, water



The player can make short sprints. Stamina is refilled over time.


The game does not feature upgrading of player skills, weapons etc. No experience or money is being earned.



The game does feature stealth. This means, that the player has to be careful when sprinting or jumping. Enemies have a view and sound range. Enemies attacking will alert nearby enemies. Although the player can combat this way, it will be highly unlikely that he/she finished the level without firing a weapon.


Special powers player





The player can pick up an energy bar. This enables the player to run faster for short amount of time. It also replenishes the Stamina bar.

There will be no pickup to improve stealth.




Health Bar/Health Percentage

Current Weapon

Current Weapon ammo / rounds bullets



The enemies in the game are balanced. Even if they have other skills, running speed etc, their damage is the same. Only a Boss enemy has stronger damage etc.


Monsters: Special attack

Zombies: Melee attacking

Paranormal: Special attack

Level Structure

The game is mostly outdoors with occasional real-time indoor scenes. The game does not switch between indoor and outdoor scenes. The levels are designed as follows:


Both levels are a mix of narrow paths, (meaning buildings, one or 2 ways to continue on the map) and wide but closed open areas.

The 2 tech demo levels have the following pace:


Level 1: slow pace, more stealth, fewer weapons, Melee and handgun.

Level 2: fast pace, action, all weapons, lots of ammo, no relaxing, adrenaline ride.

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