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Little Dagon


Little Dagon the dragon must collect all the gems to power the portal to enter the next level.
Run into or shoot chests to smash 'em! Glide from one place to another! Shoot fireballs from your mouth!

W,S,A,D and mouse to move
Left mouse click to fire
Space - jump
Glide - space while in the air - Space while gliding to drop
Left Shift - run
FPS display toggle - F11
Vsync toggle - V
Mute toggle - M
Escape - menu on/off (titlescreen too)

Made for the Summer Games Tournament 2016.

Nov 24/2018
- A few things added/removed/changed since the tournament release
- File size 86MB smaller

Some models, textures, animations, and SFX made by myself
Models: some buildings, well, and enemies by Arteria 3D
Titlescreen music: Chan Redfield - This Is It
Level 1a music: Chan Redfield - Big Hit Track
Level 1b music: Venom - Arteria 3D
Level 2 music: Chan Redfield - Better Than Ever
Level 3 music: A Heroes Charge - Arteria 3D
Level 4 music: In Between Worlds - Arteria 3D

The video on the right is old and the levels are different now.

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