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Version 1.32 09/06/15

I was assigned to Research Station Alpha a few months ago. Built into a hollowed out asteroid which orbits a star in a long abandoned system light years from Earth.

Why i got stationed here when my career is almost at an end is the question I have asked myself many times each day I have been here.


I go about my dutys even though the jobs are minimal and just more of the same old.


All I remember this day is that I went into a storeroom and then the room shook as the lights went out, I must have hit my head because now I have the most incredible headache which in this case is not induced by to much alcohol or to much caffiene.

The emergency lights are on so the generators must be out, thats a simpe job that I best do before the major gets on the comms.

Theres an intercom at the bottom of the stairs near the canteen, I might get some information there.

Also the canteen is where I left my access card and maybe some Tablets for my head.


I can get into the equipment locker then because I have a bad feeling I will need them.


The game.

Discover the secret of Station Alpha and survive whatever has happened. Use your skills and equipment wisely to solve any puzzles.

Find other station personnel who might aid you.


Press C to view controls

W,A,S,D movement

Q,E turning

F for interaction

Click inventory items to use

Click coloured blocks then move them with your arrow keys.

1,2,3 to change resolution.


This is a rough alpha demo of the first level. Read more in this thread. about what got left out and things I know that need doing. The story is rough but you get the gist. Only one starting professon, hope you like it.

Video and picture will be updated asap.


Feedback and suggestions appreciated and gladly accepted.

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