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LOSW - Last One Standing Wins


Its Christmas once again, and the Crawlers have had an argument with the Zombies about who is the best.


After a lot of uuurghs and arrhs they decide to have an all out fight, and the last one standing wins.


Work out who will win each fight. After 3 rounds if your pot has increased to over 15000 points, you will get a bonus round, where you can try to set the High Score. But you only have 5 seconds to make the choice.


You can simply observe the fight, or Pick up items with E and throw them at the zombies or crawlers by using the left mouse button. You could make the difference in a close fight.


This game was originally published on the Leadwerks workshop, this version has had several improvements, and is playable by non-leadwerks users.


HUD F6 to toggle

Music, rather annoying music, it can be turned off with F7.

The zombies and crawler volume can be adjusted with F5.

A High Score can be set if you complete the game, and your initials were entered on the starting screen.

You can quit by pressing escape.


And a Hint if your stuck, well I suppose its a Christmas theme, so why not.


Download the zip and extract to a folder. Run the LastOneStandingWins.exe from the extracted folder.


Developed on Windows 8.1 with GTX750ti an I7 processer and SSD, so this is my minimum requirements, other systems with less may work, but may effect your experience.

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