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Mages Alchemy

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In the lands of Dragonscape You, a wise old Mage defends your Guild from a mysterious spell that has been cast over it. All that is left, is the only magic that can't be undone, the true source of a Mages power that lies in arithmetical knowledge.


Ancient spells and magical power of the Elders have vanished without a trace. You are tasked with piecing together this mystery and restore order before it's too late.




The concept is to create a mathematical learning game. The areas of focus are addition, subtraction and multiplication with the added benefits of problem solving. There are many educational games out there, so I am taking what I hope to be a different approach. I want to immerse the player into a magical world and mask as much as possible the learning element as they the user is anticipating the next challenge.


Throughout the game you encounter quests which you must solve or just cast magic at something to see what happens! You must use your math skills to uncover hidden spells and items and advance in the game.


Target Audience


The game is targeted around early years who are learning to add, subtract and multiply, but not limited to. It can be used for anyone who needs additional help in these areas.




Math game stats are recorded for future reporting.




Story line is complete, ever changing though as new ideas crop up.

Quests up to a point are complete, like the story line it's ever changing.

The main functionality of the game is complete, and relatively bug free.

Many props pickups and textures have been completed already. Still many more to come.

Main character 'Oman' is complete.

The Guild Elder 'Baradin' has nearly seen the end of the zBrush phase.

More characters are in development.

The GUI needs a lot of work and need to make it more animated and lively.

Loads of optimisations and testing to be done.




Game is being developed in the Leadwerks 3.1 game engine.

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User Feedback

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really nice and looks almost complete already.


2 small things i noticed.

The camera seems to be a bit odd when you rotate. Not sure if that is a recording issue but it looks annoying. Looks almost as it moves left or right away from the character instead of rotating around it.


the light grey background with white text on it in the menu. Really hard to read


but these are probably the things you will change in your optimization run.


//Edit: just noticed the video is quite old. not sure why your post is new. ;) i am sure i already saw your game but not sure about the video.

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Yeah I had this same thing happen with my bomb game. If you notice the submission date on the page it's 2014, but LE for some reason just randomly makes new posts. It's odd.

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Hmm not sure why this has appeared, I've stopped working on it for the time being to work on a project with Rick... Strange

Each time you make a comment in a game on agme section, it will move to showcase.

Let's see, i just commented on Rogue System, it is in Showcase now.

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