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Pew Pew Bang Bang

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Pew Pew Bang Bang is a simple shooter game that puts the blue team versus the red team. The goal in this game to achieve the kill limit before the opponent does.

Play as either a soldier or tank in the war of nonsense! Why are we shooting each other? Because it's fun!

However, be careful for enemy helicopters and jets. They have miniguns attached to them which will shred you to blocks (literally).

Every time you respawn as a soldier, you will be given either an Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher or Light Machine Gun. This is given to you randomly. Tanks can only shoot rockets but do that with solid accuracy.

Friendly Fire is disabled and you cannot kill yourself. Helicopters and jets are able to commit sepuku by crashing into anything.

Killing a vehicle will cause an explosion to happen. You can kill multiple people with one explosion by focusing a tank!


  • Walk - WASD
  • Look around - Mouse
  • Jump - Space
  • Shoot - Left mouse button
  • Zoom - Right mouse button (hold)
  • Suicide - F
  • Respawn - R
  • Switch to tank / soldier - 1 & 2 (can only do this while dead)
  • Quit game - Escape


(sorry if the performance is bad, I tried to optimize as much as possible for the amount of time I had)

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