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Phobia is a first person horror/thriller game where you play as Detective Frank Carter, a mid 30's police officer, husband and caring dad.

The game is set in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. When a young girl goes missing near the Providence Sewer System, Carter is given the task to find her. But this is no routine search.

Carter must explore deep down the eerie tunnels of the chilling sewer network to uncover a mystery that hits close to home. Having flashbacks and hallucinations throughout his ordeal, Providence Sewer System has a dark secret of its own.

Uncover the story and find out what lurks in the shadows as you try to piece together the case. You may start to question your own sanity.


  • Psychological horror with a thrilling story.
  • AAA soundtrack and sound effects to set the creepiest atmosphere.
  • Immersive gameplay.
  • Made in the best sold game engine on Steam. Leadwerks Game Engine
  • High quality graphics.
  • Future plans for Oculus Rift intergration.

The Team:

  • Lead Programmer - Roland Strålberg
  • 3D Generalist/Composer/Project Lead/PR & Marketing - David James
  • 3D Generalist/Project Manager/PR & Marketing - Patrick Griffiths
  • 3D Art/Texturing - Chris Van Wijmeersch
  • Environmental Artist - Danny Chilvers
  • Environmental Artist - Boy Voesten
  • Concept Artist/Illustrator - Martin Dubravický
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