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Ravage Online

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Ravage is an online FPS powered by Leadwerks and RakNet. There are only three members working on this project: Evayr, Haxior and Artisticz with the age of 18 and below. Ravage also is a low budget game, which means less than 150 euro was spent to make the game. We've only bought the character, a license for Leadwerks and an upgrade for it.

It all started when Evayr quit Game Maker to work on a real quality FPS made with an engine which could handle a lot more graphics. During the development Haxior and Artisticz joined the crew to improve the game even more. Our team never had flaws, annoyance or anything with each other so we're all motivated to make the best out of Ravage!

If you still have got any question or so, use the comment section smile.png Thanks for the interest and reading!


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