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Rick Powers


Forgot about this game only available in the launcher so I figured I may as well put it here as well.

Winter Games 2016-17 Tournament entry.

After waking in an unknown facility, you find and
connect psychically with a future tech orb which
allows you to teleport to places you throw it to.

Use the sticky ball powerup and the ball sticks
to anything. Use the bomb powerup to create
an energy blast to break things.

Can you escape?

Rick Powers is a side scrolling puzzle platformer
with a focus on being casual. No enemies (maybe
later) and no racing against the clock.

A = Left, D = Right, SHIFT = Run, SPACE = jump

Escape = menu on/off
Toggle vsync - V
Show FPS - F11

Music track "Journey Forward" by Arteria 3D
Music track "FlightPath" by Arteria 3D

Facebook Twitter Youtube Github Steam
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