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Little gameplay with levels are generating on the fly each time random at app start.

All gameplay in Lua (files inside).

Only one stuff addded - callbacks support, so can't be runs with default Engine.exe


As for me this concept is heavy updated last time, and i don't think that be continue this as it is.

So you can use it as you wish if you want smile.png




100 NPC on scene

NPCs activatin only when player on screen and NPC see player

NPCs uses A* pathfinding to find player

pathfinding.lua can be used in any project for 2D paths - it's total separate as i remember


Static batching:

Scene generates from small cubic meshes, with default instancing it runs at 20 FPS

On batches pack meshes gathered to big groups, each as single mesh, that's how i get more than 100FPS

In each frame there's less than 50 separate entities on screen

static_batching_pro.lua can be used in any Leadwerks2 project to pack static geometry, it's auto group meshes by worlds and materials.


Anyway - Roboland scene have only 2 materials, one for columns underwater, and another to all other scene.

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