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Little gameplay with levels are generating on the fly each time random at app start.

All gameplay in Lua (files inside).

Only one stuff addded - callbacks support, so can't be runs with default Engine.exe

As for me this concept is heavy updated last time, and i don't think that be continue this as it is.

So you can use it as you wish if you want smile.png


  • 100 NPC on scene
  • NPCs activatin only when player on screen and NPC see player
  • NPCs uses A* pathfinding to find player
  • pathfinding.lua can be used in any project for 2D paths - it's total separate as i remember

Static batching:

  • Scene generates from small cubic meshes, with default instancing it runs at 20 FPS
  • On batches pack meshes gathered to big groups, each as single mesh, that's how i get more than 100FPS
  • In each frame there's less than 50 separate entities on screen
  • static_batching_pro.lua can be used in any Leadwerks2 project to pack static geometry, it's auto group meshes by worlds and materials.

Anyway - Roboland scene have only 2 materials, one for columns underwater, and another to all other scene.

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